Mrs. BADMOS Kehinde

Degree:                   B.Sc (Admin),50wpm,Desktop

E-mail:                     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Tel:                          08037291110

Dept:                       Centre for Innovation and Strategy in Learnig and Teaching

Current Position:     Senior Secetariat Assistant II

CISLT Contact

Centre for Innovation and Strategy in Learning and Teaching (CISLT)

P.M.B. 2240, Alabata Road, Abeokuta, Nigeria

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mobile: +234(0)8035640707


Learning Technologies Unit

  1. Implements an engaging online learning experience through a Learning Management System
  2. Develop online teaching and learning resources to support specific curricula or course of studies.
  3. Develops and Supports teaching and learning in FUNAAB.
  4. Integrates of ICTs into curricula at both the course and programme level
  5. Develop capacity to teach effectively with the social media.
  6. Organizes workshops, seminars and ‘show and tell’ sessions, to raise educators’ awareness of the ways in which e-platforms can be used for teaching and learning.
  7. Records lectures using FUNAAB Radio studio.
  8. Interacts with other collaborative Centres/Units of the university.

Innovation and Webometrics Unit

1. Gathers and publishes quality content on the website to engender trust and confidence in the public.

2. Maintains an institution website conforming to best web standards and best practices.

3. Bring up innovations/ideas best practices as practiced in other leading higher institutions.

4. Study all academic and web ranking criteria to meet up with global standard

5. Liaise with various organs of the University to obtain weekly information and updates.

6. Publish a robust scholar applications to assist researchers in their work.

7. Promoting weekly tips to members the University Community.

Quality Assurance (QA) Unit:

1. Ensures that performance processes in all aspects of the University functions are appropriate and relevant.

2. Coordinates internal assessment of academic programmes, institutional facilities and essential services.

3. Ensures that the infrastructure are sufficient, maintain and use optimally.

4. Ensures quality in student enrolment process by enforcing merit-based enrolment exercise.

5. Ensures quality in students’ service delivery, including hostel facilities standards and maintenance.

6. Monitors adherence to best practices by non-teaching centres such as electrical distribution, installation, water supply and distribution, in each building within the University.

7. Ensures that Academic Staff, Non-teaching Staff and students’ adhere to standard ethics.

  • Develops quality assurance information system that cover:
  • Student progression and success rate
  • Employability of graduates
  • Students’ satisfaction with their programmes
  • Effectiveness of lecturers
  • Profile of the student population
  • Learning resources available