Biotechnology Centre

The Biotechnology Centre was created in the year 2000 and grafted onto the Equipment Maintenance Centre. It has been a fully fledged Centre since 2001. The Centre was established to provide central Biotechnology laboratory facilities for the Colleges in the University. It advices the university on Biotechnological issues and build linkages with relevant external agencies.
The Centre has group of experienced staff comprising of Research Fellows and Technologists. This group carry out their Biotechnology - related projects in the Centre's laboratory and participate in her courses and other activities.
The Biotechnology Centre has the following specialized laboratories:

  1. Animal Biotechnology Laboratory
  2. Plant Biotechnology Laboratory
  3. Food Biotechnology Laboratory
  4. Bioinformatics Laboratory

The other supporting laboratories attached to the Centre include:

  1. Chemistry Laboratory
  2. Microbiology Laboratory