AKINLOYE, O. A: Publications


(1) Isolation and partial characterization of acid phosphatase from the haemolymph of

giant Africansnail, Archchatina marginata, B.Sc. Dissertation (Nov. 1991).

(2) Structure and mechanism of action of ß-glucosidase from the haemolymph of giant

African snail,Archachatina marginata, M.Sc. Thesis (Dec. 1997).

(3) Paraqaut toxicity and its mode of action in leafy vegetables and rats, Ph.D Thesis, (Jan.



(b) JOURNAL ARTICLES (in print).

(1) Afolayan, A., Agboola, F.K and Akinloye, O.A. (1997): Some properties of ß-

glucosidasefrom the haemolymph of the giant African land snail, Archachatina marginata. Nigerian Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. 12; 43-51, Published by Nigerian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.www.njbmb.org.                  


(2) Akinloye, O.A. and Olorede, B.R. (2000): Effect of different feeding conditions on

performance, haemolymph biochemical and mineral value of giant African snail,

Archachatina marginata. Journal of Agriculture and Environment. 1 (1); 143-147,

Published by Faculty of Agriculture, Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, Nigeria.

(3) Akinloye, O.A. and Olorede, B.R. (2000): Effect of Amaranthus spinosus (Linn) leaf

extract on haematology and serum chemistry of rats. Nigerian Journal of Natural

Products and Medicine. 04; 78-81, Published by The Nigerian Society of Pharmacognosy.www.njnpm.org.                        


(4) Akinloye, O.A. and Olorede, B.R. (2001): Effect of Amaranthus spinosus (Linn) leaf

extracton plasma lipid levels in rats. Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 3(1); 18-22,Published by Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto,Nigeria.                                      


(5) Olorede, B.R., Akinloye, O.A. and Saidu, H. (2001): Acacia nilotica (Bagaruwa) seed

pods as a replacement for maize in diets for rabbits, Nigerian Journal of Experimental and Applied Biology. 2(2); 141-145, Published by the Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Sciences, University of Maiduguri, Maiduguri, Nigeria. www.njeab.org.            


(6) Ajagbonna, O.P., Esaigun, P.E., Alayande, M.O. and Akinloye, O.A. (2002): Antimalaria      

activity and haematological effect of stem bark water extract of Nauclea latifolia. BioscienceResearch Communications. 14(5); 481-486, Published by Nigerian Society for Experimental Biology. www.brc.org.


(7)Akinloye, O.A., Ahmed,A.S., Olorede, B.R. and Ajagbonna, O.P. (2002): Some

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(8) Akinloye, O.A. (2003): An evaluation of the toxic effects of Hyptis suaveolens leaf in

rats.Nigerian Journal  Natural Products and Medicine. Vol. 07; 49-52, Published by the Nigerian Society of Pharmacognosy. www.njnpm.org.


(9) Akinloye, O. A., Idowu, C.O and Oke, T.O. (2004): Metal content and physicochemical

properties of some beverages. An International Journal of Agricultural Sciences,

Sciences, Environment and Technology (ASSET), Series B. 3(1); 43-51, Published by FederalUniversity of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria.www.unaab.edu.ng/asset/


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(11) Idowu, A.B., Akinloye, O.A. and Ogunlaru, O.O. (2006): Comparative studies of the

effects of Amaranthus spinosus and Amaranthus caudatus leaf extract on the

physiology of albino rats. Zoologist. 1(4); 45-48, Published by Zoological Society of



(12) Akinloye, O.A. and Adamson, I. (2007): Developmental variability in some enzymic

antioxidant properties of some vegetables commonly consumed in Nigeria. An

International Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Sciences, Environment and Technology (ASSET), Series B.6(2); 109-118, Published by Federal University of Agriculture,Abeokuta, Nigeria. www.unaab.edu.ng/asset/


(13) Adeniyi, T.T., Ajayi,G.O and Akinloye, O.A (2008): Effect of ascorbic acid and Allium

sativum on tissue lead level in female Rattus navigicus. Nigerian Journal of Health and Biomedical Sciences.7(2); 38-41, Published by College of Medicine, Lagos StateUniversity, Lagos, Nigeria.http://www.inasp.info/ajol.


(14) Adekunle, I.M., Ogundele, J.A., Oguntoke., O and Akinloye, O.A. (2010): Assessment

of blood and urine lead levels of some pregnant women residing in Lagos, Nigeria. Environmental Monitoring Assessment. 170; 467-474, Published by Springer. www.springer.environ.monit.assess.com.


(15) Idowu, O.M.O., Ajuwon, R.O., Oso, A.O and Akinloye, O.A. (2011): Effects of Zinc   

supplementation on laying performance, serum chemistry and Zn residues in tibia bone,liver, excreta and egg shell of laying hens. International Journal of Poultry Science.10(3); 225-230, Published by Asian Network for Scientific Information, www.ansinet.org/ijps.                 


(16) Akinloye, O.A, Adamson, I., Ademuyiwa, O. and Arowolo, T.A. (2011): Paraquat

toxicity and its mode of action in some commonly consumed vegetables in Abeokuta,Nigeria. International Journal Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. 3(4); 75-82, Published by Academic Journals. www.academicjournals.org/ijppb.

(17) Akinloye, O.A and Solanke,O.O. (2011): Evaluation of hypolipidemic and potential

antioxidanteffects of pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan (L) mill sp) leaves in alloxan-inducedhyperglycemic rats. Journal of Medicinal Plant Research. 5(12); 2521-2524, Published by Academic Journals, Nigeria. www.academicjournals.org/JMPR.


(18) Idowu, O.M.O., Ajuwon, O.R., Fafiolu, A.O., Oso, A.O and Akinloye, O.A. (2011):

Modulation of cholesterol and copper residue levels in muscles and blood serum of

finishing broiler chickens fed copper and ascorbic acid supplements. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition. 10(8); 781-985, Published by Asian Network for Scientific Information. www.pjn.org.                                       


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(20) Lasisi, A.A., Folarin, O.M., Dare, E.O., Akinloye, O.A. and Fisuyi, M.O. (2011):

Phytochemical, antibacterial and cytotoxic evaluation of Raphiostylis beninensis

[Hook F. ex Planch] stem bark extract. International Journal of Pharma and Bioscience. 2(3); 489-495, Published by International Journal of Pharma and Bioscience, Indexed in Elsevier Bibliography. www.ijpbs.net.


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Changes in superoxide dismutase and catalase activities in response to paraquat

treatments in two different varieties of Celocia vegetables. International Journal of

Scientific Research. 1(2); 127-133. Published by International Centre for

Advanced Studies – Nebadhoi School – Para, Dattapubar, North 24 Prgs, West Bengal.www.ijsr.org.                                                



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(25) Sam-Wobo, S.O., Agbeyangi, O.A., Ekpo, U.F., Akinloye, O.A., Mafiana, C.F and Adeleke, M.A. (2012): Rectal artesunates, their utilization and parental perception in the management of malaria in Children from Abeokuta Southwestern Nigeria. Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases. 12(2); 151-155, Published by Mary Ann Liebert Incorporation.

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* Publications after submission for last promotion (i.e. after June 30, 2014)


x(45) Akinloye, O.A., Somade, O.T., Faokunla, O., Meshioye, D.O., Akinola, P.O., Ajayi, N and Ajala. T.D (2015) Ethanolic extract of Jatropha gossypifolia exacerbates potassium bromate-induced clastogenicity, hepatotoxicity and lipid peroxidation in rats. Biokemistri. 27(1); 1-7. Published by International Journal of the Nigerian Society for Experimental Biology.

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Papers (Journal Articles) Already Accepted for Publication:


*(53) Lasisi, A.A., Olayiwola, M.A., Balogun, S.A., Akinloye, O.A and Ojo, D.O. (2012) Phytochemical composition, cytotoxicity and in vitro antiplasmodial activity of fractions from Alafia barteri olive (Hook F. Icon)- Apocynaceae.Journal of Saudi Chemical Society. Published and hosted by Elsevier on behalf of King Saud University, Saudi Arabia. Available online on Science Direct since 19th May, 2012. www.sciencedirect.com: http://dx.doiorg/10.1016/jscs.2012.04.011.


*(54) Ighodaro, O.M and Akinloye, O.A (2014) Sapium ellipticum (Hochst.) Pax leaf extract: In-vitro antioxidant activities and lethal dose (LD 50) determination in wistar rats. British Journal of Medicine and Medical Reseearch. Published by ScienceDomain, www.sciencedomain.org. Galley Proof attached.

*(55) Nupo, S.S., Oguntona, C.R.B., Oguntona, B and Akinloye, O.A. (2014) Salt intake of Civil Servants in Abeokuta, Ogun-State, Nigeria. American Journal of Food and Nutrition. Published by ScienceHuß. http://www.scihub.org/AJFN, (Letter of Acceptance dated April 12, 2014). Galley Proof attached.





x(56) Akinloye, O.A., Somade, O.T., Adekoya, T.O., Badmus, M.A., Ogunlusi, J.A and Mohammed, B (2015) Hibicus sabdariffa aqueous extract protected against diazepaminduced clastogenicity and hepatotoxicity in wistar rats. Romania Journal of Biochemistry. Published by Romanian Society of Biochemistry. (Letter of Acceptance dated May, 2015).






(57) Akinloye, O. A. (2000): Effect of aqueous extract of Habsicus sabdariffa calyx on plasma cholesterol level in rats: Proceedings of 24th Annual Conference of Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology (NIFST), Nkama, I., Jideani, V.A and Ayo, J.A. (Eds.) 90-91. Published by NIFST.

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*(62) Olayinka, O.T.,Idowu, A.B., Dedeke, G.A., Akinloye, O.A., Ademolu., K.O and


Bamgbola, A.A (2011) Earthworm as Biomarker of Heavy metal pollution around Lafarge, Wapco Cement Factory, Ewekoro, Nigeria. Proceedings of the Environmental Management Conference, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria, 489-496.

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