Directorate of University Farms



The Directorate of University Farms (DUFARMS) was created from a merger of the defunct Teaching and Research Farms Directorate (TREFAD) and implementation Committee on Establishment of Teak Oil Palm and Plantain Plantations (ICETOP) on November, 2012. All the assets and liabilities of these defunct offices were inherited by DUFARMS.

The Directorate is divided into two broad divisions:

  1. Commercial and Innovation
  2. Teaching & Research

The two divisions are further divided into sixteen (16) units and twenty (20) sub-units headed by senior staff with relevant discipline and specialization. The staff strength is One hundred and eight (108) regular staff (69 senior and 39 junior staff), casual workers (23) and migrant workers (25). Members of National Youth Service Corps, SIWES students and Internship students are usually posted to the Directorate yearly.


To innovate, share and Commercialise knowledge of Agricultural and Environmental Systems to students, the community and society at large.


To be the leading University Farm in Nigeria, in operations and outlook, employing the most modern farming practices an innovation for production, teaching and research for Human Development.


To expand the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of the University with the production of Crops and Livestock and to provide the platform needed to impact practical skill that promotes agricultural education and service for agricultural development.

Major Activities

  1. Commercial and Innovation (Crops and Livestock)
  2. Teaching and Research (Crops and Livestock)
  3. Tractor Unit
  4. Agro-Mart Unit 



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