Directorate of Works & Services


The Directorate of Works and Services was established at the inception of the University with the mandate of maintenance of Facilities, Infrastructures and Provision of utility services that are needed to provide a conducive learning environment for staff and students on Campus.

The Directorate is headed by a Director who reports to the Vice-Chancellor. His duties include:

  1. Administration and Co-ordination of Units in the Directorate
  2. Through the Maintenance Planning Section Collates and keeps records for planning purposes.
  3. Exercises Budgetary Control through Vetting of Job Orders and Estimates prepared by the Units.


We envision a Works and Services Directorate that deploys modern technology to safely maintain existing Facilities and Infrastructures in topmost condition and where continuous and measurable improvement in services to the University is the standard.


The Works and Services Directorate would work tirelessly to create a conducive environment characterised by well-maintained Facilities and Infrastructure that would aid learning.


In carrying out its mandate, the Directorate operates through Four Units namely Mechanical Maintenance, Civil Maintenance, Electrical Maintenance and the Director’s Office.

  1. Mechanical/Transport Maintenance Unit
  2. Civil Maintenance Unit
  3. Electrical Maintenance Unit


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