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FUNAAB Enterprises

FUNAAB Enterprises emanated from the then Industrial Park Unit which is one of the developmental groups under the office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Development). FUNAAB Industrial Park was established on 12th November, 2009, with transfer of assets especially processing factories namely: Bakery, Palm-Wine Bottling Factory, Garri and deodorized Fufu Flour Factory, Palm Oil Packaging, Apiary and Cashew

Factory, from former UNAAB Consult Ltd (UCL).


Since inception to date, the activities of the Units centered on: –

  1. Generation of extra Governmental earnings through processing and marketing of food product;
  2. Image making, value addition and public relation for the University by way of presenting and exhibiting manufactured products in fairs, conferences, meeting etc.;
  3. Employment and extension of owned facilities for purpose of research and training.


The mandate encompasses extension and employment of the manufacturing plant and machinery facilities for training and exposure of students from relevant academic disciplines. During this training students are exposed to practical aspects of the enterprise that border on;

  1. Raw material sourcing
  2. Sensory evaluation/analyses
  • Food processing
  1. Food packaging and transportation
  2. Food business management and planning.

FUNAAB Enterprises serve as Entrepreneurship Centre for development of innovative, skills and training of students.


Presently, FUNAAB Enterprises Comprise of four (4) separate units, namely: –


The Bakery produces fluffy, tasty and delicious snack –meal, bromate free bread for the consumption of the community. This is possible through the employment of skilled and seasoned bakers passionately adhering to the standardized recipe. These loaves are of different sizes, sliced or otherwise. They are neatly packed in the branded nylon bags of the enterprises which make them appealing to buy. The bread is appreciated within and outside the University campus and are sold at reasonable and affordable prices.

All these products of FUNAAB Enterprises are fully registered with NAFDAC and are prepared under good hygiene in a clean environment.


Activities of FUNAAB Palm Wine Unit

  1. Production of FUNAAB Palm wine are in both 60cl and 30cl bottles;
  2. Ensuring quality control of packaged product meets the standard set by the Institution before sales;
  • The Unit is also used for Research and Training of Students, and SIWES participants.


Activity of FUNAAB Honey Unit

FUNAAB Honey is a hundred percent (100%) pure bee honey with no additive, and is of proven health benefits.

Honey are neatly bottled into different sizes of 50cl, 75cl, a litre and customized litre of kegs as may be demanded.

FUNAAB Roots and Tubers

Activities of Roots & Tubers Unit

  1. Production of Cassava into fine grained premium quality Garri, with unique Garri taste;
  2. Production of odourless Fufu Flour of high quality Cassava Flour and Starch;
  • Seasonal production of Plantain Flour;
  1. The Unit is also used for Research and Training of Students;
  2. The unit is also responsible for the packaging of Hampers for Public Relation for the University and also participate in Exhibiting manufactured products in Trade Fairs, Conferences and Meeting.

All the products are produced with no additives, branded and packed under hygienic condition to ensure safety.




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