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Series College Dept. Delivered By
Date Topic
1 COLERM FWM Professor Julius Amioba OKOJIE 1994 Once Upon a Forest:A masterpiece of Creation
2 COLAMRUCS AEFM Professor Peter Adebola OKUNEYE 24th May, 1995 Nigerian Agriculture on the Run: Refuse to move
3 COLANIM ANN Professor E.B. OGUNTONA 28th Feb., 1996 Food, Animals and Human Nutrition in Nigeria
4 COLPLANT HRT Professor M.O.A. FAWUSI 11th Jun., 1997 Food Security and Beautiful Environment: The Siamese twins of Horticulture
5 COLNAS CHM Professor Ishola ADAMSON 17th Dec., 1997 The Advantages of Dietary Fiber Modification of Metabolic Flux
6 COLAMRUCS HSM Professor (Mrs.) A.A. ADDO 27th Jul., 1998 Freedom from Hunger and Malnutrition: An Elusive Right of the Nigerian Child
7 COLANIM APH Professor Isreal Folorunso ADU 28th Oct., 1998 The Lamentations of a Famished Industry
8 COLERM FWM Professor B.A. OLA-ADAMS 12th May, 1999 Resource Utilisation and Sustainability: A Dilemma in National Development
9 COLNAS MTS Professor Adewale Roland Tunde SOLARIN 28th Oct., 1999 Total Quality- A Mathematical Panacea for National Productivity Improvement
10 COLPLANT HRT Professor M.A.O. OLADOKUN 3rd May, 2000 Kola: A Tree of Life
11 COLANIM ABG Professor Olusegun Ayodeji OSINOWO 29th Sept., 2000 Be Fruitful and Multiply: The Blessing, the Livestock and the Quality of Life
12 COLERM WMA Professor Olasumbo MARTINS 22nd Aug., 2001 Water Resources Management & Development in Nigeria: Issues & Challenges in a New Millennium
13 COLNAS CHM Professor Ighodalo Clement EROMOSELE 30th Jan., 2002 Imperatives for a Virile Chemical Industry in Nigeria
14 COLPLANT   Professor T.A.O. LADEINDE 24th May, 2002 The Miracles of Genetics and Biotechnology for Bumper Harvest in the New Millennium: Mirage or Reality
15 COLAMRUCS FST Professor Olusola Bandele OYEWOLE 9th Oct., 2002 Powers at the Roots: Food and its Microbial Allies
16 COLANIM ABG Professor (Mrs.) Olufunmilayo Ayoka ADEBAMBO 8th Oct., 2003 Animal Breeds: A Nation’s Heritage
17 COLERM FWM Professor Samuel Akinyele ONADEKO 25th Aug., 2004 Home on the Range: Crises, Consequences & Consolations
18 COLNAS CHM Professor Francis Olukayode BAMIRO 4th May, 2005 Understanding Chemistry with a View to Improving Service to Mankind: An Abysmal Adventure or a Realistic Ideal?
19 COLPLANT SSLM Professor Michael Tunde ADETUNJI 30th Nov., 2005 Soil Quality for Ecological Security and Sustainable Agriculture
20 COLAMRUCS FST Professor Samuel Olusegun AWONORIN 21st Jun., 2006 Man, Food and Machinery: From Biological Systems to Physical Models in Food Preservation
21 COLANIM ANN Professor Chrystopher Friday Ijeoma ONWUKA 28th Feb., 2007 Browsing Goats and Sheep: Reaping the Wisdom in their Foolishness
22 COLANIM APH Professor Samuel Soladoye ABIOLA 3rd Oct., 2007 Poultry Farming: A Veritable Tool for Employment Generation and Poverty Alleviation
23 COLERM WMA Professor Niyi Jonathan BELLO 18th Jun., 2008 Perturbations in the Plant Environment: The Threats and Agro-Climatological Implications for Food Security
24 COLFHEC NUD Professor (Mrs.) Clara R.B. OGUNTONA 27th Aug., 2008 The Travails of a Community Nutritionist in Nigeria
25 COLPLANT PBST Professor Omolayo Johnson ARIYO 15th April, 2009 Genotype and Environment Interplay in Crop Production
26 COLANIM ANN Professor (Mrs.) Daisy ERUVBETINE 25th Nov., 2009 Revolutionising the Feed Industry for Increased Poultry Production
27 COLENG MCE Professor Samuel Babatope ADEJUYIGBE 13th Jan., 2010 Manufacturing and Computer Aided Engineering: A Panacea for Wealth Creation
28 COLNAS BIO Professor David Adejare AGBOOLA 21st April, 2010 Waking the Seed from Slumber: Recipe for Successful Germinability
29 COLVET VPHR Professor (Mrs.) Morenike Atinuke DIPEOLU 23rd June, 2010 Health Meat for Wealth
30 COLAMRUD AERD Professor Akinwumi Moses OMOTAYO 22nd Sept., 2010 The Nigerian Farmer and the Elusive Crown
31 COLPLANT HRT Professor F.O. OLASANTAN 2nd Feb., 2011 Horticulture: The Under Exploited Goldmine in Africa
32 COLERM AQFM Professor Samuel OTUBUSIN 20th Apr., 2011 Water, Water, Water, Every-where… An Enigma
33 COLNAS BIO Professor Muyiwa Segun AYODELE 18th May, 2011 Flowers, Thorns and Thistles: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Conglomerate Colonizers of Planet Earth
34 COLAMRUD CGNS Professor (Mrs.) Bolanle Idowu AKEREDOLU-ALE 22nd Feb., 2012 Queen’s English and the March of History: Reflections on the Nigerian Case
35 COLANIM APH Professor Ayobami Bukola Joseph AINA 28th March, 2012 Goat (Capra hircus): A Misunderstood Animal
36 COLENG AGE Professor Babatunde Adewale ADEWUMI 25th April, 2012 Transformation of Field to Food Materials: Agro-Food Process Engineering Approach
37 COLERM FWM Professor Adegboyega Michael ADURADOLA 28th November, 2012 The Forest of Hope: Pains and Gains in Tropical Silviculture
38 COLNAS MCB Professor (Mrs.) Mobolaji Olufunmilayo BANKOLE 20th February, 2013 Food on the Table: The Microbial Contributions
39 COLPLANT HRT Professor Isaac OreOluwa Olatokunbo AIYELAAGBE 24th April, 2013 Fruits: Food For The Birds?
40 COLAMRUD AGAD Professor Michael Tunde AJAYI 15th May, 2013 Human Resource Management In Agriculture: A Neglected Component Of Agricultural Development
41 COLFHEC FST Professor Sylvia Veronica Ajagugha UZOCHUKWU 5th June, 2013 Biotechnology Capacity Building: The Gateway to Food Security
42 COLENG MCE Professor Peter Olaitan AIYEDUN 19th June, 2013 Stainless Steels: A Versatile Metallic Material in the Service of Man
43 COLNAS CHM Professor Olusegun Olukayode ODUKOYA 19th February, 2014 Pollution – Free Environment: A Mirage or an Attainable Reality?
44 COLERM AQFM Professor Godfrey Nnamdi Onyenoro EZERI 21st March, 2014 Fish Diseases: A Major Hindrance to Realization of “Fish for All”
45 COLPLANT PPCP Professor Philip Omoniyi ADETILOYE 4th June,2014 From Grass to Grace: An Exposition on Western and Traditional
Cropping Systems
46 COLFHEC FST Professor (Mrs.) Folake Olayinka HENSHAW 9th July, 2014 Food Processing for Profit: Panacea for Post Harvest Losses
47 COLAMRUD AEFM Professor (Mrs.) Carolyn Afolake AFOLAMI 15th October, 2014 Muiltidimensional Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria and National Development: The Inseparable Siamese Twins
48 COLPLANT SSLM Professor Felix Kolawole SALAKO 4th February, 2015 For Soil to Oil the Nation: Advancing the Frontiers of Conservation Agriculture in Nigeria
49 COLFHEC FST Professor Lateef Oladimeji SANNI 21st May, 2015 Drying for Wealth, Food Security and Nation Building
50 COLBIOS AZ Professor Babatunde IDOWU 15th July,2015 The Animal in the Lens of a Zoologist
51 COLENG ABE Professor  Adeniyi OLAYANJU 9th March,2016 Man, Material and Machine: The Tricycle for Agricultural Mechanization
52 COLAMRUD AERD Professor Kolawole ADEBAYO 20th April,2016 Mercenaries and Merchants: The Dialectics of Rural Development in Nigeria
53 COLANIM PRM Professor Olufemi ONIFADE 26th April,2017  Grasses: Production and Management for Sustainable Livestock Industry
54 COLPLANT PPCP Professor Kehinde Adebayo OKELEYE 8th November, 2017 Food Security and Poverty Eradication Challenges in Nigeria: Agronomy to the Rescue
55 COLERM EMT Professor Toyin A. AROWOLO 29th November, 2017 Environmental Degradation: Mortgaging Our Future for Today’s Gain
56 COLPHYS PHY Professor Adeniyi OLOWOFELA 23rd May, 2018 The Use of Innocuous Geo (Physical) Tools In Discerning The Bowel of The Earth: A Strategy For Manpower Development
57 COLAMRUD AERD Professor Segun APANTAKU 11th July, 2018 The Downplayed Majority in AgResExtension: Imperatives for Enhanced Productivity
58 COLANIM ABG Professor Michael OZOJE 24th October, 2018 Chronicles of Livestock Improvement: Excerpts from the Memoirs of a Geneticist
59 COLPLANT HRT Professor Jacob Goke BODUNDE 19th June, 2019 Unveiling the Beauty of An Unforbidden Fruit
60 COLENG MCE Professor Mufutau Adekojo WAHEED 24th July, 2019 Man, Energy and Environment: The Exigent Remediation
61 COLPLANT PBST Professor Dupe AKINTOBI 16th October, 2019 Seed: Source of Life, Prosperity and Pain
62 COLANIM ABG Professor Christian Obiora Ndubuisi IKEOBI 24th March, 2021 Why We Look at Things not Seen: Animal Genes and their Winking Eyes
63 COLPLANT PPCP Professor Victor Idowu Olugbemiga OLOWE 26th May, 2021 Unlocking the Production Potentials of some Annual Oilseed Crops in Nigeria
64 COLENG ELE Professor Isaiah Adediji ADEJUMOBI 3rd June, 2021 Electricity, Man and Development: The Complexity of the Distribution System Management in a Power Network
65 COLANIM ANN Professor Adeyemi Mustafa BAMGBOSE 30th June, 2021 Feeds and Feedstuffs: Panacea for Declining Commercial Animal Agriculture and Food Insecurity in Nigeria
66 COLAMRUD AEFM Professor Adewale Oladapo DIPEOLU 14th July, 2021 Food Demand Decisions: Not only the Numerics but the Characteristics
67 COLPHYS CHM Professor Catherine Oluyemisi EROMOSELE 25th August, 2021 Chemistry, Industry and Development
68 COLPHYS CSC Professor Adio Taofiki AKINWALE 24th November, 2021 Bigger and Better Database for Innovative Advancement in Industrial Revolution
69 COLPHYS CHM Professor Akinola Kehinde AKINLABI 8th December, 2021 Natural Rubber: Adding Value for Life Sustenance and Economic Development
70 COLPLANT PBST Professor Olusola Babatunde KEHINDE 22nd December, 2021 From Generation to Generation: Plant Genetic Diversity, Continuity and Discontinuity
71 COLPLANT CPT Professor Ololade Adeduro ENIKUOMEHIN 23rd November, 2022 Tending the Inaudible: The Management of Plant Afflictions with the Endowments of Nature
72 COLERM FWM Professor Samuel Adeniran OLUWALANA 21st December, 2022 Forest: A Boundless Health and Wealth Territory
73 COLENG CVE Engineer Professor Olufiropo Samson AWOKOLA 8th February, 2023 Hydrological Forecasting and Prediction: An Important Tool in Water Resources Development and management
74 COLFHEC HSM Professor Julia Tolulope ENI-OLORUNDA 26th April, 2023 They Are Humans Too: Give Them A Chance
75 COLERM AQFM Professor Yemi AKEGBEJO-SAMSONS 10th May, 2023 Repositioning our Coastal Environment: A rescue mission for Aquaculture and Fisheries Production and Management in Nigeria
76 COLENG CVE Professor Johnson Kayode ADEWUNMI 24th May, 2023 Soil and Water Dynamics as the Eleventh Commandment
77 COLAMRUD CGNS Professor Comfort Adenike ONIFADE 7th June, 2023 Contemporary Socio-Political Issues, National Development and Sustainability
78 COLPHYS CHM Professor Enock Olugbenga Oladepo DARE 21st June, 2023 Nanotechnology: The size Powered Harbinger of the 21st Century Technology Revolution
79 COLPLANT PBST Professor  Francis Abayomi SHOWEMIMO 2nd August, 2023

Science-Art Interface: A Plant Breeder’s Perspective

80 COLPHYS CSC Professor Adesina Simon SODIYA 16th August, 2023

The Muddy Waters In Winning The Revolutionised Cybersecurity Game

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