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Career Services and Linkages Unit



It is well established that the issue of graduate employability has been a major challenge in the Nigerian economy, with less than 12% of university graduates securing decent jobs within 18 months of graduation. Employers have also long lamented the caliber of graduates being produced in universities and other tertiary institutions, and in order to prepare new graduates for the workforce, they have been forced to implement pre-employment training programs. Therefore, with this rate of unemployment and the high number of graduates produced yearly in Nigeria, including career services in Nigerian universities may reduce the rate of unemployed graduates.  The establishment of the Career Services and Linkages Unit (CSLU) of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB) was premised on the recommendations contained in the report of the National Employability Benchmarking baseline assessment, which was submitted to the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) by the International Finance Corporation (IFC). The proposal and the establishment of Career Services Units in Nigerian universities in 2023 were in response to providing solutions to the high unemployment rate. The unit is under the office of the Vice-Chancellor, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

Vision Statement

To be a unit of excellence that inspires excitement about the future and empowers FUNAAB students toward global relevance for enhanced employability.

Mission Statement

The office of Career Services and Linkages provides students of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, with career services through coaching, industry, and alumni connections along their career life-cycle for enhanced employability.

Objectives of CSLU

The unit seeks to fulfill its mission through the following objectives:

  1. Mentor students in acquiring information, knowledge, and competencies that enhance individual career development, academic success, and employability;
  2. Provide students with career coaching through training and workshops;
  3. Establish platforms and networks for alumni engagements;
  4. Create pathways for career connections with industries and organizations; and
  5. Establish connections with companies to investigate the potential for student internships and professional prospects.

General Functions of CSLU

The office of the Career Service and Linkages Unit, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta gives students the following options;

  1. Search for industries and employment opportunities for graduates;
  2. Learn about career and job fairs and employer events;
  3. Use the units ‘portal and e-library to enroll in online certification classes in career;
  4. Schedule a one-on-one career coaching session;
  5. Prepare students for career e-learning pathways; and
  6. Assist students in getting internship placement, work-study jobs, volunteering jobs, and job opportunities.

Organizational Structure of CSLU

The unit is under the office of the Vice-Chancellor and operates three (3) focal areas namely; training/workshops, alumni relations, and industrial linkages. The function and key Performances Indicators (KPIs) of the various focal areas are as follows;

a. Training and Workshop

  • To organize virtual and physical training and workshops on career development through the student life cycle;
  • To organize periodic workshops and use interactive tools, and courses for developing practical skills to improve student resumes;
  • To facilitate students’ reading culture on career advice articles and books to make good career decisions;
  • To coordinate students taking skill assessments to discover their strengths;
  • To encourage students to use the unit library, e-books, career-related software, and interactive coaching room

 b. Alumni Relations

  • To facilitate a functional and up-to-date database of the alumni of the University;
  • To identify the University alumni across the globe in different professional platforms and arrange networking events;
  • To synergize and collaborate with the University Alumni Centre;
  • To conduct a periodic baseline survey on the post-graduation of FUNAAB graduates

c. Industrial Linkages

  • Develop concrete links and collaborations with industries and organizations for job placements, internships, volunteering jobs, and NYSC among others;
  • Connects FUNAAB students to professional bodies and associations;
  • To arrange the coordination of all collaboration and/or memorandum of understanding with industries and development partners;
  • To partner with industries/international development partners to organize job/career fairs, career conferences, and employment conferences;
  • To identify fresh collaboration for the University, students, and the unit;
  • To collaborate with industries for the establishment of the Programme Advisory Committee for the review of programmes/courses;
  • To consistently monitor all collaborations to make sure they beneficial and sustainable.




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