Org Group: Unit

  • Network Administration & Internet Services Unit

    The unit designs, installs, configures, monitors and maintains networking devices and servers on the University Network to provide reliable and consistent Internet access and digital communication within the University.

  • Digital Agriculture Unit

    Develops tools that digitally collect, store, analyse, and share electronic data along the agricultural value chain.

  • Web Development & Administration Unit

    The Design and administration of the University’s web presence to disseminate information, electronic books, teaching and learning aids, virtual laboratories and lecture materials, and making them available to staff and students on the intranet.

  • Project Development Unit

    The Analysis, development, deployment, administration, maintenance, and support of software solutions to improve service delivery.

  • Medical Social Work Unit

    The Medical Social Work Unit attends to staff and students admitted at Secondary Healthcare facilities. It receives referral of patients from the Consulting Unit in the Directorate. The Unit deals with physical, medical, Psychological, psychosocial and other emotional related issues of the sick.

  • Medical Record Unit

    The Medical Record Unit is the first point of call at the Health Services. The Unit processes, retrieves and stores medical records of patients.

  • Nursing Unit

    Nursing Unit

    The Nursing Unit comprises professional staff Nurses and Community Health Environmental Worker (CHEW) with valid practicing licenses. The Unit provides technical nursing care such as Vital Signs Monitoring (Temperature, Pulse rate, Respiratory counts and Blood Pressure readings), Drug administration including the injectable, Wound management among others. Also, the Unit provides standby nursing services during Examinations, […]

  • Medical Laboratory Unit

    The Medical Laboratory Unit is NHIS accredited with qualified personnel who run 24 hours shift duty. The laboratory currently has the capacity to conduct the following tests: Full Blood Count Malaria Parasite Test Widal Test ESR Hepatitis B Hepatitis C VDRL Pregnancy Test – Urine and Blood Fasting Blood Glucose Random Blood Glucose 2 hours […]

  • Pharmacy Unit

    This Unit engages in pharmaceutical services of the Directorate. It service the National Health Insurance Scheme and the Non-NHIS registered students, staff and members of the adjoining communities to the university. The Unit is being managed by competent Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technicians. The Unit operates a 24 hours shift.

  • Consulting Unit

    The Consulting unit comprises capable Medical Doctors who run 24 hours call-duty, in a most conducive environment.

  • Technical Unit

    The unit comprises of a Video and Photographic Section, which produces video and pictorial coverage of University events. It also maintains the Graphic Section, which oversees the production of banners, posters, cards, signboards, etc. the Gift Shop, dealing in the production and merchandising of customized souvenirs and products of the University, as well as newspaper […]

  • Protocol & Passages

    This unit ensures that University events are well organized by Assisting in the organization and managing of major events in the University such as Convocation, Matriculation and Inaugural Lectures. It also coordinates hospitality services at its best, by securing hotel accommodation for University officials, external examiners and other guests. Organizing cocktail parties and ad-hoc receptions […]