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Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies



The Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies CENTS was established in March 2011 in line with the express directive of the Federal Ministry of Education (FME) through the National Universities Commission (NUC) mandating all Tertiary institutions in the country to offer entrepreneurship programme and establish entrepreneurial Centre. The goal of integrating entrepreneurship studies into University Education is to empower graduates, irrespective of their areas of specialization with skills that will enable them engage in income generating ventures. Entrepreneurship training calls for the development of both multi-disciplinary skills and non-traditional business skills. There have been five Directors in the Centre; Prof. O. Bamgbose (2011-2013), Prof. O. S. Onifade (2013-2015), Prof. A. O. Dipeolu (2015-2017), Prof. B. Adewumi (2017-2020) and Prof. F. I. Adeosun (2020 till date).

Vision of the centre

The Centre is set out to serve as a nerve centre for the education, growth and development of sustainable entrepreneurial culture and skills among the University students and general public for the management of Small and Medium Enterprise.


To provide facilities and expertise that will propel the growth and development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through sustainable quality, effective and dynamic entrepreneurial coaching and assistance in business plan development and finance sourcing.


  1. To create and provide an academic environment as FUNAAB in which students will be exposed (through classes, seminars, lectures, guest lecturers and active participation in various entrepreneurial activities) to the entrepreneurial environment;
  2. To help students develop the skills that will prepare them to deal with challenges of operating in a business environment that favours creativity and risk taking.

Specific goals

  1. Creating and promoting entrepreneurial awareness and opportunities;
  2. Imparting entrepreneurial skills in the students, staff and members external to the university;
  3. Enhancing the capacity of potential and practicing entrepreneurs who desire to learn practical entrepreneurial skills;
  4. Making employers of labour in FUNAAB graduates, thereby contributing to reduction of unemployment and poverty in Nigeria;
  5. Provision of market linkages for students’ businesses and assisting in sourcing finance
  6. Mentoring of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs);
  7. Offering supportive programmes to SME operators in the community;
  8. Stimulating the development and growth of entrepreneurship in Nigeria.

Skills at the centre


  1. Arts and Crafts;
  2. Leather Works/Shoe Making;
  3. Crocheting and Accessories;
  4. Customised/Designers Candle Production;
  5. Events Planning;
  6. Fashion Designing;
  7. Flowers, Slippers and Hat making;
  8. Household cosmetics;
  9. Laundry and Cleaning Services;
  10. Liquid Soap, Air-freshener and Disinfectants;
  11. Make Over, Beads and Gele Tying;
  12. Designer Bags Making;
  13. Music and Dramatic Art;
  14. Paint making and Designs;
  15. Photographic and Media Coverage;
  16. Speaking and Presenting Skills;
  17. Web Design/Development/Hybrid Mobile Application;
  18. CCTV Installation and IP Surveillance Camera;
  19. Computers and Handset Repairs;
  20. Modelling;
  21. Barbing;
  22. Hair Dressing and Wig Making;
  23. Textile Design;


  1. Bread baking and Value-addition;
  2. Garri Value-addition processing;
  3. Palm wine Value-addition processing;
  4. Palm oil Value-addition processing;
  5. Palm kernel value-addition processing;
  6. Cashew nuts and Drinks value-addition processing;
  7. Cosmetics (Herbal soap and sheabutter based Creams);
  8. Evergreen Value Chain Projects;
  9. Catering, Food Processing and Packaging;
  10. Organic Agriculture and Management;
  11. Poultry Rearing and Value-addition processing;
  12. Herbs, Spices and Value-addition processing;
  13. Hydrophonic Farming and Management;
  14. Forage Management and Conservation;
  15. Apiculture and Medicinal Uses of Honey and Herbs;
  16. Rabbit Rearing and Value addition processing;
  17. Fresh Healthy Juice drinks and smoothies;
  18. Aquaculture/Fish farming;
  19. Value addition and Marketing of Fish Product;
  20. High Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF) Production;
  21. Odorless Fufu Flour Production;
  22. Confectioneries Snacks and Small Chops;
  23. Biofuel Generation and Management;
  24. Mushroom Cultivation and Value addition processing;
  25. Biogas Generation and Management;
  26. Snail Rearing and Value Addition Processing.

Available Equipment

Fashion Design:

Industrial Straight Sewing machine high speed lockstitch, Industrial whipping (3 thread over locking) machine, Straight sewing machine (auto and manual) complete with sewing PEDAL, ADAPTER and MOTOR 200-250V, Italian scissors size 10, stainless steel with magnetic tips, Computer embroidery machine: Sagacity 8300,536 patterns,

Shoe making:

Industrial straight sewing machine high speed lockstitch, Manual straight sewing machine complete with sewing PEDAL, ADAPTER and MOTOR 200-250V, LZ-small double headed ginder/filling machine 220V 50Hz, Plastic shoe mould (different size), Cast iron cobblers shoe lasts, Eclipse lasting plier, Draper 63637 expert revolving punch plier 2.0-4.5mm

Hair Dressing:

Generic wings collection- standing hair steamer, 2 in 1 facial steamer with magnifying lamp, Equator hair standing dryer, Fibre sit washing bowl size 19-14” x 18” x 6” with base size 31-1/2” to 49”, 3 steps bamboo trolley size 20 x 24 x 36 inches weighing 5.9kg, Lightweight Stainless Steel Oven Pol Tongs, Ceramic Hair Straightener, Foot Massager, Homedics Elle Macpherson The Body Xury Foot Spa, Pedicure, Micro Pedi Enjoi Foot Care Gift Set – 7 Piece Manicure/Pedicure Kit, Kiki Hand Dryer, Original Chaoba Clipper, Justinlite Fancy Salon Barber’s Chair.

Catering And Hotel Management:

Anchor pressure Pot – 8 litres, Anchor pressure pot – 10 litres, Nikai 700w electric microwave oven, Maxi 5 burner inbuilt electric oven, Skyrun transparent freezer, 318 litres, Sonic smoothie maker (2 litres), Crown star electric barbecue grill 2000w, Binatone food processor, FP 850, Binatone blender BLG 403.

Computer Training:

HP 290G2 18.5 screen desktops, HP laserjet 107w wireless printer, HP pavilion 15 intel Pentium quad core – 500 GB HDD 4GB RAM Windows 10, 1.10GHz processor, Blue gate 653VA UPS, Genus 5.5KVA/96V Inverter.

Micro Integrated Agro-Industrial Park (IAIP)/incubator:

Kenya Top bar Hive, Langstroth Hive, Ag MEDBOX10 Honey super Hive, Bee smoker stainless, Bee wax extractor, Honey extractor (Centrifugal), Honey press stainless steel, Honey sieve 200 micron, Bucket ½ gallon plastic, Reinforced tarquallin mobile fish pond, Collapsible mobile fish pond, Smoking kilm double cabinet, Stainless steel working table, Hutch advantek rabbit house, Feeder, rabbit feeder galvanized, Drinker, rabbit hutch drinker, Shed rabbit hurtch bunny cage, Kindlinmg box, ware wooden next box, EBB and flow hydrophonic system, Portable farm aquaponic system, Crusher, fruit crushing machine, Stainless steel sterilizer, Semi-auto filling machine, Capping machine, Hydraulic press juicer, Shrinking wrapper, Stainless steel working table with backsplash, Weighing machine 300kg, Oil spiral press machine, Oil filter, palm kernel oil filter, Industrial palm oil circular space separator, Kernel cracker 1 Tonne, Sludge presser, Roaster, 1 Tonne storage tank.


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