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Directorate of Sports

(FUNAAB Sports, Life Plus and Wellness Centre)


The Directorate of Sports is under the Office of the Vice-Chancellor. It is headed by the Director of Sports who is the Chief Administrative Officer for Sports, Recreation, Life Plus and Wellness. He is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for day to day administration and Management of FUNAAB Sports, Life Plus and Wellness Centre.

The Directorate of Sports emanated from Sports Unit then under the Student Affairs Division on January 28, 1988. Since its inception, the following have headed, Mr. K. A. Ladipo (Pioneer Staff/Controller of Sports 1988 – 2007), Late Mr. V. O. Oshuntolu 2007 – 2011 and the unit was upgraded to Directorate with Pioneer Director Mr. V. O. Oluwatoki (2011 – 2016) and currently Dr. S. O.Olabanji was appointed Acting Director September 2016 till date.


To discover and disseminate knowledge related to physical activity, human movement, sports, and leisure to improve the health, well-being and quality of life of students, and staff of the University.

To be leaders in providing a variety of high quality physical activity, recreation, wellness and educational programs and services for students, staff, alumni and the community that provide balance in academic and community life and inspire a life- long appreciation for the benefits of active living,

To inspire and facilitate students and staff of the  University and the community to embrace active healthy lifestyles through involvement in a diverse assortment of enjoyable and educational experiences that will contribute to improved quality of life.


The Directorate is to provide students and staff with opportunity to participate in a variety of competitive and recreational sports, play and games and has four cardinal focuses which includes; Intral-Mural/Club Sports, Life Plus and Wellness, Community Sports and Recreation Outreach, Extramural /Elite Sports.


Intramural Sports for Students and Staff: Intercollegiate Sports/Vice-Chancellor’s Cup Competition is the major catchment avenue for our students which cut across all sports, it is an annual event and a Tournament tagged Community Shield, it is centered on Soccer which is organized among the various Communities housing our students in and around the University. On Staff Sports, the Staff Unity Games is organized among the existing Colleges and other categorized groups which left no Unit uncovered is organized at the end of every session while students are on long break to foster unity among various rank and file the University.

Extramural Sports – NUGA, WAUG, GATIS, FASU, FISU Intervarsity Friendlies ect, Exercise Prescription and Supervision, Stress Management, Supervised Fitness Programmes,Aerobic/Jogging/Walking,Weight Shedding/Tummy Trimming,Chldren Summer Coaching Clinic, Safe Education/First Aid, Hydro-Therapy Treatment, Talent Doscovery and Management and Wellness Programes/Activities.

Organizational Structure


The Directorate has four classified Units for Organizational and administrative conveniences they are; General Duties, Technical Development and Extramural Intra-mural, Life Plus and Wellness and Marketing Sponsorships and Partnerships. The Units are headed and supervised by seasoned and experienced personnel who report as mandated to the Director of Sports.

General Duties

The Unit provides required back-up services administration, Organization, Management, Planning, Leadership, assembling resources for the other three units to ensure that the overall goal of the Directorate is fully accomplished. Its operational scope include: Student Athletes Academic Relations, Events Management; Socials and Welfare, Athletic Media Relations and FUNAAB Community Sports Awareness, Facilities and Equipment Oversight, Hostel Accommodation, Surveillance and Transportation Logistics and Cheer leading.

Technical Development and Extramural

The Unit is the core of the Directorate’s Technical Matters. Headed by well-experienced, qualified and competent personnel, the Unit is saddled with the following responsibilities: Programme Development, Scouting, Talent Discovery and Youth Development, Recruitment and Admission, Extramural Competitions, Documentations and Compliance, Technical Development of Coaching Personnel and FUNAAB Sports Academy.

Intra-Mural, Life Plus and Wellness

This Unit is the heartbeat and main hub of FUNAAB Intramural Sports in its entirety and has jurisdiction the following activities and programmes: Student Intramurals/Club Sports, Staff Intramurals/Staff Sports Clubs, Wellnes and Life Plus Programmes, Aerobic, Dance and Fitness Programmes, Hydro-Therapy Services, Community Sports Outreach and Recreation and Gym Exercise; Prescription and Supervision.

Marketing, Sponsorships and Partnerships

This Unit provides oversight functions with the goal of attracting public – private partnerships for sports and wellness programmes, services and sports infrastructural development. It is responsible for all corporate sponsorships and designing all portfolios or branding and partnership packages which also include: Endowments, Alumni/Individual Donations, Team Branding Sponsorship,Programme/Event Branding, Sports/Wellness, Equipment Donations and Supports, Marketing Sports Programmes, and Facilities and Merchandise Sales ect.

Existing Sports Facilities at Sports Centre

Soccer Pitch with seating, Pavilion for 1,500 Spectators, Practicing Pitches, Basketball Court(outdoor),Volleyball Courts (outdoor),Handball Court(outdoor), Tennis Courts with knock-up Walls, Squash Court (indoor), Hockey Pitch, Sports Hall for Table Tennis, Badminton, Chess, Scrabble, Ayo, Darts, Draught, Taekwondo and karate.

Students Halls of Residence

7- Aside Soccer Pitch, Mini Volleyball Court (Outdoor), Badminton Court (outdoor), Table Tennis, Board Games: Chess, Ayo, Ludo, Scrabble, etc.

Core Sports / Game Available

Football, Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Cricket, Squash, Badminton, Taekwondo, Chess, Scrabble, Judo, Ayo, Ludo, Athletics, Karate, Cheerleading and draught.

Proposed Facilities at the Sports Centre

State of the art Hydro-Therapy Unit, Multipurpose Indoor Gym, Exercise Laboratory, Aerobic/Dance Floor, Medical/First Aid Room, Sports Theory/Audio-visual Room, Synthetic Tartan Track (Athletics)

Scheduled Usage of Sports Facilities

The Centre is open to users from Mondays to Fridays from 8.00am to 4.00pm daily (except on public holidays).

Staff Training is scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays between 4.00pm and 6.00pm weekly.

Interested users may come to the Directorate of Sports Office building at the FUNAAB Sports: Life Plus and Wellness Centre for further enquiries, visit the Centre or call any of the numbers 08131557844, 08025326010.






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