Technical Unit

The unit comprises of a Video and Photographic Section, which produces video and pictorial coverage of University events. It also maintains the Graphic Section, which oversees the production of banners, posters, cards, signboards, etc. the Gift Shop, dealing in the production and merchandising of customized souvenirs and products of the University, as well as newspaper vendoring, is also managed by this unit.


Preparing and supervising the production of corporate publicity brochures, handouts, leaflets and University fliers, at the request of other Colleges/ Institutes/Centres/Departments/Units within and outside the University.

Producing and editing of videos, photographs, films and multimedia programmes, as well as maintaining the University’s photo and video library.

Monitoring and producing banners, posters, handbills, invitation cards, roll-up banners etc, for information drive and enlightenment purposes.

Providing and operating of public address systems at University events and meetings.

Creating and producing classy mementoes, corporate and branded gifts items for the University.




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