Following the re-establishment of the Directorate of Linkages and Partnerships in September 17, 2007 after a year-long merger with the University Research and Development Centre, now Institute of Food Security, Environmental Resources and Agricultural Research (IFSERAR). In other to fully internationalize the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, (FUNAAB) by the University administration to compete globally with notable Universities, Institutions and Agencies all over the world, the  Directorate of Linkages and Partnerships was renamed as the Centre for Internationalisation and Partnerships(CENIP) on June 30th, 2010.

The Centre through aggressive and strategic approaches has moved the University towards the path of exploring full opportunities that abound globally. The Centre has developed strong, mutual and rewarding Linkages and Partnerships with national and international institutions, agencies, industries, alumni and other stakeholders with a view to enhance capacity building, curricular development as well as fund mobilisation.
The Centre has embarked on purposeful collaboration drive for the University towards massive sponsorships and rebranding of FUNAAB to attract collaborators and to explore full opportunities that abound around the world for the maximum benefit of the University, particularly the staff and students.

Centre for Internationalisation and Partnerships has been involved in sourcing for speakers, especially education attaches from the developed world as resource persons for workshop aimed at sensitising FUNAAB community on the various opportunities around and how to benefit from them. The first of its kind sensitisation workshop was organized for the FUNAAB TETFUND Beneficiaries in 2010 to prepare them adequately for the task ahead.

Mission of Centre for Internationalisation and Partnerships

To create research, academic and extension linkage opportunities at national and international platforms for FUNAAB staff and students

Vision of Centre for Internationalisation and Partnerships

Attainment of functional and sustainable linkages and partnerships within the University and other agencies and institutions both nationally and internationally in pursuance of the mandates of FUNAAB through optimum utilization of shared resources.

The Philosophy of the Centre

The philosophy of the Centre for Internationalisation and Partnerships (CENIP) is basically to establish linkages with national and international agencies and institutions with a view to enhance capacity building, knowledge and skill acquisition of FUNAAB staff and students through sustainable utilization of shared resources.

Objectives of the Centre

  • Facilitating Partnerships/linkages and arranging to seal agreements into MOU.
  • Organising International and University-wide lectures of common interest.
  • Sensitising the University Community to relevant information regarding opportunities, awards, grants and fellowships.
  • Facilitating Staff Training/Capacity building.
  • Ensuring placements and monitoring of ETF beneficiaries in Europe & USA.
  • Providing oversight functions over the FUNAAB Foreign African Scholarship Schemes (FUFASS)

Staff Profile in the Centre

Find below the comprehensive staff profile in the Centre:

1. Dr. Akeem A. Oyekanmi Director CENIP
2. Dr. James O. Daramola Head, FUFASS CENIP
3. Mr. Bright O. Obiriwonsi Administrative Officer II CENIP
4. Mrs. Camilla O. Fatunmbi Confidential Secretary I CENIP
5. Mr. Emmanuel Okoko Clerical Assistant CENIP

Facility in the Centre

Find below, the facilities in the Centre:

International Scholars & Resource Centre i. Academic Building
ii. Administrative Building
iii. Library/ Tourist Centre
iv. Guest House
26inch Plasma TV 1
Tables, Chairs, CPU/Monitor & Printer 4, 10, 1,
Settee 1
File Cabinet 1
Vehicles Honda
Hummer Bus
1. FG: 340 B50
2. FG: 316 B50
3. FG: 212 B50

The Activities/Projects carried out in the Centre in the last one year

  • The Centre processed staff application forms for Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND) approval.
  • The Centre processed application forms of staff members sponsored by the FUNAAB Management on capacity building training programmes in foreign countries.
  • The Centre facilitated and processed the placement of academic staff on Ph.d, and Ph.D bench work sponsored by TETFUND under Academic Staff Training and Development (AST&D) training programme in reputable foreign institutions in United Kingdom, China, Canada, Scotland, America, South Africa, Czech Republic etc.

Staff members who secured TETFUND Conference grant approval:

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