High Beauty Standards & Its Costs

The rationale behind keeping up with high beauty standards has been hinged on the need to align with the demands of modern day world, as opposed to what prevailed in the olden days when natural beauty was cherished. In our world of today, various advertisements on the use of beauty models have revealed that what is portrayed on the television and social media may be the complete opposite of what is obtainable in the real world. This reality has been responsible for why people ask what is the essence of attaining high beauty standards. The social media have now become a major tool for shaping how people embrace beauty products.

Modern technology has equally promoted beauty with the invention of various applications on mobile phones known as photo enhancement, which often comes with filter techniques that make images appear more appealing to viewers. What is trending is that a lot of women undergo surgeries to have their desired body shape. This urge increases the quest for cosmetic, plastic surgery or body enhancement procedures in order to have smart or skinny look. According to Mayo Clinic, those who undergo plastic or cosmetic surgery are at the risk of having complications from anesthesia, infection at the surgery site, fluid build-up under the skin, bleeding, scarring and nerve damage.

Millardwestcatalyst.com warns that unrealistic beauty standards are a plague to today’s world because as some women attempt to look beautiful at all cost, they could impair their health and develop mental stress in the process. This behaviour can be described as an aspiration towards meeting unrealistic beauty standards. Why some people still strive to keep high beauty standards is the influence they get from celebrities, models, influencers and brand ambassadors, who portray themselves as perfect and well-shaped persons without blemish. On social media, thousands of beauty models present us with images of well-carved men and women, but in reality and when we see them, they may not be as good-looking as portrayed.

Most times, the media can give false representation of what an ideal beauty standard should be. It is important to note that a perfect body does not exist. Inasmuch as social media keep telling us that we need to be extremely beautiful so as to be acceptable, it is crucial to note that those that are really beautiful are rather naturally-endowed. Regularly, new fashion and beauty techniques are being introduced while many young people are pushed to meet up with such tasty fashion and beauty standards. Millardwestcatalyst.com suggests a way out for those that are confused on what to do to meet up with high beauty standards. It recommends that the way to go about it is to begin to appreciate natural beauty and worry less about artificial beauty activities.

When people begin to face this reality, it would give them the needed confidence to appreciate what they have. We should never forget that beauty is personal. For instance, whoever is considered beautiful by a group of persons may not be so to another individual. It is important to also realise that beauty should not just be judged by the outward appearance alone because inner beauty is as attractive as the outward appearance. It is a known fact that on many occasions, physical beauty tends to fade away over time mainly as a result of aging, which is beyond any human control. On the other hand, inner beauty, which is more of a person’s character, is an asset that hardly changes or fades away.

Therefore, beauty standards should not be based only on physical appearance; it should be measured by inner and sterling qualities such as calmness, loyalty, kindness, integrity and modesty, among others. This is because there is no amount of plastic or cosmetic surgery that can be done to change the perception that people have about others. Riversideedy.ca advises that women should always be allowed to have the freedom over their own bodies and love themselves with or without makeup, as it is believed that the female gender is often pressurised into keeping up with the preferred male beauty standards.

Last Updated on December 16, 2020 by FUNAAB