Commercial & Innovation (Crops & Livestock)

  • Cultivation and production of different arable crops like maize, yam, cassava, rice, soyabean and vegetables;
  • Expansion and maintenance of established tree crops and orchard plantation e.g. oil-palm, cashew, teak, plantain, pineapple and pawpaw;
  • Engaging in mechanized Agriculture which involves the use of tractor and implements for land preparation and cultivation;
  • Establishment and maintenance of Demonstration farm;
  • Management and maintenance of poultry and other farm animals;
  • Production of table eggs and broilers for the consumption of members of the University Community and general public.

Broiler chicks being raised in DUFARMS

Cross section of poultry layers in DUFARMS

Ridging being carried out by a Tractor

Harrowing activity with the Tractor






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