Department of Plant Physiology & Crop Production


The Department of Plant Physiology and Crop Production (PPCP) is one of the five Departments in the College of Plant Science and Crop Production (COLPLANT) of the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (ABEOKUTA). It was created out of the former Department of Crop Production and Crop Protection and the former Department of Plant Physiology and Crop Ecology through a Senate approved re-structuring. There are three academic disciplines in the Department, namely: Crop Physiology, Crop Production and Weed Science. Courses in these different areas are taught in the B.Agric. programme.

The philosophy recognises science discipline as the bedrock of agricultural and technological developments and consequently natural growth. Crop Production is the foundation of agriculture since crops are the primary sources of energy and growth in the agricultural food chain.

The objectives of the Department are to:
i. enable agricultural problems be resolved through the scientific manipulation of crops and their environment for enhanced productivity with the aim of attaining food security;
ii. ensure thorough training of students in the application of crop physiology for enhanced productivity through the deployment of improved production practices as well as the management and manipulation of the crop environment, including weed control;
iii. inculcate in our graduates an entrepreneurial culture, communication skill, computer literacy, problem-solving behaviour, life-long learning and subject matter intellect to ensure employment opportunities; and
iv. make the graduates to be creative, innovative and full of initiatives for self employment.

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