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Brief History

FUNAAB Universal Conservices Limited (FUCONS LTD) formally known as UNAAB Consult was established by the University Governing Council in April 1990 with the following major terms of reference:

  1. To create employment opportunities;
  2. To engage in any other matter that will enhance revenue generation and make profit for the University.

UNAAB Consult became fully operational in terms of management and budgetary control of its programmes and projects in 1997. The Company was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company in June 1997. UNAAB Consult Limited became a consultancy outfit for the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta in August 2011 renamed UNAAB UNIVERSAL CONSERVICES LIMITED but subsequently known and called FUNAAB Universal Conservices Limited (FUCONS Limited). FUCONS Limited is the registered and incorporated business arm of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB). Some of the Ventures of UNAAB that had existed under the UNAAB Consult were: Pre-Degree Programme (CENHURD now known as INHURD) and the SLTTP, Computer Training Centre, Canteen/Catering Services, UNAAB Bakery, Oil Palm Plantations, Garri Processing, Bindery, Sale Outlets /Kiosks, Bee-keeping (Apiary) and Honey Production Venture, Consultancy and Table water/Bottle water Factory.


To promote development through the provision of consultancy services and direct involvement in development-oriented interventions in rural and urban areas of Nigeria and other developing economies.


  • To establish a business arm of the University found worthy of executing business and innovative research;
  • To advance key opportunities, capacity development for innovation that will have significant beneficial resource use, positive environmental impact and revenue generation.


FUCONS Limited is mandated to provide consultancy and technical training services in the following areas:

  1. Studies and advisory services: Baseline and Socioeconomic surveys, Impact assessment, Gender and Social protection intervention studies, Health system management, HIV/AIDS, Climate Change, Feasibility studies, Farm development, extension services in all the subject matters, soil testing and land management, flora and fauna inventory, land capability assessment etc;
  2. Capacity Building/Strengthening: Information and Communication Technology (ICT), HIV/AIDS Control counselling and Management, Tree Crop Nursery establishment and management etc;
  3. Seminar and Conferences: Organizing and packaging diverse seminars and conferences for corporate and individual organizations;
  4. Development Issues: Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing, Map Development and mapping Services, landscaping and beautification, etc;
  5. Water and Health system facility installation, Management and Maintenance;
  6. ICT and Network software/hardware supply, installation, management and maintenance;
  7. Businesses and innovations: To identify and execute any other business and innovative researches that will add value to the company and University at large.

Since its establishment and incorporation, FUCONS Limited has embarked on various laudable capacity/development training and consultancy services in the country. Also, the company is trying to identify and pursue vigorously, how best to improve on its internally generated revenue opportunities and goals to strengthen FUNAAB by establishing and shifting FUCONS Limited focus onto more results-oriented consultancy and research agenda.

Expansion/Broadening of FUCONS Limited existing ventures and Discovery of new ones

FUCONS Limited has embarked on expanding FUCONS Limited ventures for sustainable IGR for FUNAAB and also discovering and investing in new projects/programmes to generate more revenue.

One of the ventures that have been expanded and invest in is:

FUNAAB Water factory

Water is life and it’s needed all around the world. An efficient and effective water production business has non-stop business earnings possibility. Water market is characterised by price competition and growing demand for safety, convenience and value. To meet up with these highlighted qualities for maximum market demand, FUCONS Ltd has equipped FUNAAB water factory with four proven possibilities:

  1. .Production efficiency;
  2. Factory consumption reduction;
  3. Line flexibility and;
  4. Production integrity.

FUNAAB water brand has been differentiated with a unique design and employs a better marketing profile to accommodate many shapes and sizes for new products introduced to FUNAAB and its environs.

Recent addition to FUCONS Limited is the State-of-the-art Water factory consisting of non-chemical additives to package Coliform-free water for Abeokuta and Environs.

  1. Newly acquired Semi-automated bottle filling line that washes, fills and caps twelve (12) bottles per minute;
  2. 19 litters Dispenser filling (Jar) bottle Machine with Puller and Washer;
  3. Reverse Osmosis (RO) to reverse 5000 litres of water per hour;
  4. Four Sachet water machines (Dingli);
  5. Shrink Labeller/Wrapper;
  6. Coding machine;
  7. Treatment Tanks with 3 Composites (Stainless Steel)





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