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Extension & Adaptive Research



The mandate of the Extension and Adaptive Research Programme of AMREC is to build the skills and capacities of farmers and agro-processors in FUNAAB mandate’s area for improved production and productivity with the aim of enhancing sustainable increased agricultural and agro-allied production, better livelihood of farmers, farm-families, agro-processors, food security and ultimately national development.

Sub Programmes

  1. Adaptive Research
  2. Crop Extension
  3. Livestock Extension
  4. Agro-forestry and Wild-life Extension
  5. Fisheries and Aquaculture Extension
  6. Agriculture-In-Schools
  7. Technical Support, Input Supply, Advisory and Linkage Support


To be a programme of excellence and international repute in dissemination of innovations and technologies in agriculture and agro-processing for sustainable food production and national development.


To build the skills and capacities of farmers and agro-processors for improved production and productivity to enhance food security, better livelihood and national development.


To increase production and improve the efficiency in processing, value addition and distribution of crops and animals for food security, increased income generation, better livelihood and national development.


  1. To effectively identify, collate and prioritize agricultural and agro-processing needs and problems in FUNAAB mandate areas;
  2. To collaborate with researchers to conduct demand driven and development oriented research in agriculture and agro-processing;
  3. To effectively disseminate information on up – to date problem solving agricultural and agro-processing innovations and technologies through various means;
  4. To facilitate increased access of farmers and agro-processors to production inputs;
  5. To facilitate improved productivity of farmers and agro-processors for increased production and income generation as well as better livelihood;
  6. To build the capacity of the extension staff for effective delivery of services; and


  1. Identifying and collating farmers agricultural problems and needs for research development;
  2. Collaborating with researchers in the different Colleges within the university and other Institutions/Institutes to plan and conduct researches on farmers challenges and needs;
  3. Collating research findings on agriculture and agro-processing;
  4. Mounting adaptive research on improved agricultural technologies and innovations;
  5. Demonstrating proven and adoptable improved agricultural technologies;
  6. Organizing Capacity – Building Trainings/Workshops to transfer proven adoptable improved agricultural technologies to farmers and other stakeholders;
  7. Rendering input – sourcing services to farmers and agro-processors;
  8. Rendering technical support and advisory services on the various aspects of agriculture and agro-processing;
  9. Facilitating Cooperative Group Formation for enhanced access to credit;
  10. Linking beneficiaries in the mandate area to markets, credit, agro-input and agro-allied agencies, companies industries and institutions;
  11. Delivering livestock healthcare services in FUNAAB Extension and Neighbouring Villages; and
  12. Implementation of Agriculture – in – School Projects to motivate the participation of youths in Agriculture.




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