Parks & Gardens Unit

Functions and Activities

Plan the Establishment and Maintenance of all Landscaping projects (lawns, hedges, trees, shrubs, walkways, kerbs, Parks and Gardens, etc.) within the University Campus;

  1. Promote tree planting especially shade and fruit trees within the University Campus landscape;
  2. Establish a Plant Nursery for the propagation and raising of seedlings of shrubs, trees, hedges, etc. for internal use and sales to Staff and the public;
  3. Regulate and advise on matters relating to the greening projects of the University;
  4. Providing recreation and leisure grounds for Students, Staff and the University community through the development of open spaces, Parks and Gardens;
  5. Grants permits for the usage of designated open space, Park or Garden managed and maintained by the Unit;
  6. Provide practical training and exposure to Students and the public (sometimes in collaboration with relevant colleges and department) in the following areas;
  7. Plant propagation techniques
  8. Plant nursery establishment and maintenance
  • Landscaping and landscape management.
  1. Machinery and equipment in landscape management.
  2. Sustainable landscape management, greening and beautification
  3. Entrepreneurship in horticulture and landscaping.


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