Sanitation Unit

Functions and Activities

  1. Ensure cleanliness of University Buildings and Environment which is complemented by the services of a number of Cleaning/Waste Management Contractors which are directly supervised by the Unit ;
  2. Evacuation and Disposal of Solid Waste materials on Campus;
  3. Provide Fumigation and Pest Control Services within the University Campus;
  4. Cleaning of Roads and Drainages;
  5. Regulation and control of use of open spaces and commercial environment;
  6. Running and maintenance of Comfort Stations that are strategically located across the campus.

Landscape view from Senate Building

Directorate’s Ornamental Plant Nursery

Currently, the Directorate cares for about 500-600 hectares of the University’s 10,200 hectare of land being the built-up areas and undertake other responsibilities of general nature such as:

  1. Handling of the disposal of expired and disused documents and papers;
  2. Fire tracing around areas prone to dry season fire;
  3. COVID-19 decontamination of the Campus;
  4. Annual tree planting exercise.


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