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ADEBOWALE, Tolulope Oluwadamilare 


Short Profile

Dr. Adebowale Tolulope is a Monogastric Animal Nutritionist. He had his higher education at
the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China where he obtained his PhD
degree in Animal Nutrition (2019). He had his Masters and Bachelor Degrees from the Federal
University of Agriculture, Abeokuta where he graduated as the Best Graduating Student during
his undergraduate study in the Department of Animal Nutrition (2010). He won the prestigious
CAS-TWAS Presidential Fellowship for his doctoral degree. He is a recipient of the TWAS-
UNESCO visiting researcher fellowship (2021) and has won both national and international
grants. Some of which includes the International Foundation for Science (IFS) Award, Tetfund
Institutional Based Research Grant.
Dr. Adebowale Tolulope began his academic career at the Crescent University, Abeokuta as an
Assistant Lecturer in 2014 before he joined the services of the Federal University of Agriculture,
Abeokuta as Extension Fellow I in Agricultural Media Resources and Extension Centre of the
University in 2019. He was at the Institute of Subtropical Agriculture, Hunan, China from 2016
to 2019.
He has won many international and national academic awards. Among the awards are the
Chinese Academy of Sciences-The World Academy of Sciences Award for graduate studies, The
World Bank African Centre of Excellence for Agriculture and Sustainable Environment Award,
UNESCO-TWAS visiting researcher award, Ogun state government award for academic
excellence, graduating student award for best academic performance in the Department of
Animal Nutrition.
Dr. Adebowale has served in various capacities in the University. He is currently the Coordinator
of Extension and Adaptive Research in the University. His research interest is in the area of
dietary interactions with gut health of monogastric animals, novel alternative protein sources,
and biotechnological methods in animal nutrition. His extension activities covers the full gamut
of sustainable agricultural practices for improved livelihoods in rural areas and application of
information and communication technologies for efficient agricultural systems.
He is an early career scholar with publications in reputable national and international journals.
He has attended conferences in different countries across the world.
Dr. Adebowale Tolulope has supervised postgraduate and undergraduate students in the
University and he is happily married with children.

1. Ph.D. Animal Science (Monogastric Animal Nutrition) 2019
2. M. Agric, Monogastric Animal Nutrition 2014
3. B. Agric, Animal Science (Animal Nutrition) 2010

• Interaction of feed components on gut health indices using poultry, pig or mice as research models
• Novel sources of feed materials towards a sustainable environment and improved food production
• Application of improved processing methods (biological, biotechnology) and new feed components in poultry nutrition

xv. Award Received:


1 International Foundation for Science (IFS) Basic Research Grant (2022)
2 Tetfund Institution-Based Research Grant (2022)
3 Tetfund Institution-Based Research Grant (IBR) (2022)
4 TWAS-UNESCO Associateship Scheme (2021)
5 CAS-TWAS Presidential Award (2016)

6 The World Bank Sustainable Agriculture Fellowship (CEADESE) (2015)

Honours and Prizes

7 Best Graduating Student Award, Department of Animal Nutrition (2010)

8 Ogun State Government Scholarship (2008)

1. Coordinator, Extension and Adaptive Research, Federal University of Agriculture,
Abeokuta 2021
2. Chair, Demonstration Farm Establishment Committee, Agricultural Media Resources and Extension Centre 2021
3. Member, Committee on Media Work Display in AMREC 2021
4. Reviewer, International Journal for Food Science and Technology 2020
5. Reviewer, College of Biosciences Biennial Conference, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta 2020
6. Trainer, Ogun Central Senatorial District Poverty Alleviation Programme on Poultry and Feed Production 2020
7. Secretary, Farm Settler’s Association, Ajegunle, Mile 6, Abeokuta, Nigeria 2020
8. Trainer, Application of live-fencing against cattle invasion on farmlands to prevent farmers-cattle herdsmen clashes on Farm Settlements (Abeokuta, Nigeria) 2020
9. Facilitator, Participation of rural farmers on Improved Cassava Production Technique training via the FUNAAB radio programme (Abeokuta, Nigeria) 2020
10. CAVA-II/ACAI sensitization of farmers on improved practices for the cultivation of high-yielding cassava varieties 2020
11. Member, Development of University-wide software for internally generated revenue (IGR), Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria 2020

1. American Society of Animal Science
2. Nigeria Society for Animal Production
3. Animal Science Association of Nigeria

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