AMUSAN Abiodun Omoniyi 

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Short Profile

Primary School Leaving Certificate 1972
• West African Secondary Leaving Certificate (May / June) 1980
• B.SC. (Hons) Health sciences (Ife) 1985
• M.B. Ch. B. (Ife) 1988
• Masters of Public Health (MPH) (Ife)

1. First Prize in Yoruba Language, Form 3 (1978)

2. PIONEER AWARDEE: Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship Foundation For

3. “Population and Reproductive Health” Under Partnership of Obafemi Awolowo University

4. Ile Ife and John Hopkins University, Baltimore United States of America.

Director Health services

•    Provisional Registration, Nigerian Medical Council                    (December 1988)
•    Full Registration, Nigerian Medical Council                              (December 1989)
•    Member, Nigerian Medical Association
•    Member, National Association of Doctors In University Health Services.
•    Member, Committee of Directors of Health Services of Nigerian Universities.

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