AROGUNDADE Lawrence Akinola 

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B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.

My main research focus is on proteins with respect to their applications as biopolymer functional agents. Of particular interest is isolationand characterization of proteins from underutilizedplant origin. Their colloidal properties, which deal with the chemistry of the complex system formed by the biopolymer in aqueous medium,interfacial stabilisation andrheologicalproperties were studied. These plant proteins were modified by consumer friendly methods to enhance their functional performance in food system. Currently my research group is looking into the possibilities of using plant protein as encapsulating agent for bioactive compounds of nutraceuticals for the control release of these compounds to a specific target at an appropriate time. Application of protein from underutilizes souses in protection of bioplastics with high biodegradability is equally being considered.

 2015 TWAS Research  and Advance Training

 2011/2012 China-Africa Science and Technology Partnership Program (CASTEP) grant

 2013 Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science Postdoctoral excellence award (China)
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 Institute of Chartered Chemist of Nigeria—ICON(Professional Member )

 Chemical Society of Nigeria (Professional Member)

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