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Short Profile

Prof. Olawale Usman DAIRO was born on October 13, 1966 in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria. He graduated from the University of Ife (Now Obafemi Awolowo University) with B.Sc. (Agricultural Engineering) in 1987; M.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University in 1992. He was the first Ph.D. graduate of the Agricultural Engineering Department of FUNAAB in 2010.

He has held several administrative positions in the University, College and Department since assumption of duty. He was a member of the Senate Committee on Examination result between 1999 and 2009, Co-opted member of the Committee on Review of University Academic Brief (CORUAB), Alternate Chairman College Committee on Examination Result (COCER), Departmental Post graduate Coordinator, College Representative on Senate Committee on Review of University Part time Programme and a co-opted member of the Postgraduate School Business Committee. He is also an external examiner for undergraduate Programme in the Oyo State College of Agriculture as well as Lagos State Polytechnic, resource person and reviewers for reputable journals. He is a corporate member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers(NSE), the Council for regulation of Engineering Practices in Nigeria(COREN) and the Nigerian Institute for Agricultural Engineers(NIAE). Member, International Society for Development and Sustainability (ISDS).

The major focus of his research is in the study of processing parameters and engineering properties for agricultural and food materials, to facilitate the development of appropriate technologies for storage and utilization technologies for some agricultural oil- bearing crops, such as sesame seed, castor and jatropha seeds. He has supervised several undergraduate and postgraduate students in processing, storage engineering and renewable energy studies. He has over forty published articles in reputable national and international journals, refereed conference proceedings in his area of expertise.

B.Sc, University of Ife, Ile-Ife, 1987
M.Sc., Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, 1992
PhD, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, 2010

University of Ife. Postgraduate Fellowship Award 1989 – 1991

Dean College of Engineering

Corporate Member, Nigerian Society of Engineers, Reg. No 11177
Council of Registered Engineers of Nigeria No 13301
Member, Nigerian Institute of Agricultural Engineers.

1. International Seminar on Raw Material Research, Development and Utilization: Harnessing Natural Resources for National Development. 10th 11th February 2009. RMRDC, Abuja. Nigeria.

2. 12th Annual Conference of Nigerians Society of Engineers. 4th to 8th November 2008, Bauchi. Bauchi State Nigeria.

3. International Conference on Engineering Research and Development: Impact on Industry. 5th to 7th September 2006. Benin, Edo State. Nigeria.

4. 12th Annual Conference of Nigerians Society of Engineers. 4th to 8th November 2006, Abeokuta. Ogun State. Nigeria.

5. 35th Annual Conference of Agricultural Society of Nigeria. 12th to 23rd September 2002. University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State. Nigeria.

A Dissertation

1. “A study of the drying characteristics of Benniseed”. M.Sc research. Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile –Ife. 1992
2. “Investigation into the steam gelatinization of cassava cubes”. B.Sc project. University of Ife, Ile-Ife. 1987.

B Articles in Learned Journals

1. Sobukola O.P, O.U Dairo, and A.V Odunewu, 2008. Convective Hot Air Drying of Blanched Yam Slices. International Journal of Food Science and Technology( In press)

2. Sobukola O.P, O.U Dairo, T.T.Afe, and O.J. Coker. 2007. Water sorption Isotherm and crispiness of Fried Yam chips in the temperature range of 293K to 313K. International Journal of Food properties, 10(3): 561 – 575pp.

3. Sobukola O.P and O.U. Dairo, 2007. Modeling drying kinetics of fever leaves (ocimen viride) in a convective hot air drier. Nigerian Food Journal, 25(1): 145 – 153pp.

4. Sobukola O.P, O.U Dairo, L.O. Sanni, A.V. Odunewu, and B.O. Fafiolu, 2007.Thinlayer drying process of some leafy vegetables under open sun drying. Food science and Technology International, 13(1): 35 – 40pp.

5. Aviara, N.I, O.O.Ajibola and O.U Dairo, 2002. Thermodynamics of Moisture sorption in sesame seed. Bio-System Engineering. Vol. 83(1): 423 – 431pp

6. Dairo, O. U and O.O. Ajibola, 2001. Desorption Isotherm models of Sesame seed. ASSET. Vol. 1(2): 45 – 56pp.

7. Dairo, O.U and O.O. Ajibola. 1998. The relationship between equilibrium relative humidity and moisture content of sesame seed using vapour manometric method. Ife Journal of Technology. Vol. 8(1): 61 – 67 pp

8. Dairo, O.U and O.O. Ajibola. 1994. Resistance to airflow of bulk sesame seed. British Journal of Agricultural Engineering Research. Vol. 58: 99 -105pp.

Conference Proceedings

1. Olayanju T.M.A; Akinoso, A.A; Aderinlewo, A.A; Dairo, O.U and Ola I.A. 2009. Moisture Dependence of some Aerodynamic Properties of Benniseed. 3rd International conference on Science and National Development. February 2009. Abeokuta . Nigeria.

2. Sobukola O.P, O.U Dairo, and A.V Odunewu, 2007. Convective Hot Air Drying of Blanched Yam Slices. International Conference on Engineering Research and Development: Impact on Industry, 5th to 7th September 2006. Benin. Nigeria.

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