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UGWUNNA, Charles Okechukwu 

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Short Profile

He joined the services of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta as an Assistant Lecturer in 2019.He is currently the Departmental Part Time coordinator. Currently also, he is a PhD student at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka.
His academic interests include: Data Communication, Network Security, Simulation and Modeling (Agent Based and Epidemic Modeling). and Computer Hardware. He has applied different Deep learning techniques for detecting Malware in Communication Networks.
As an expert in Computer Networking, Mr Ugwunna is skilled in Configuration and Installation of Wireless Radio/Omni Antennas, Microtic Routers, Wireless Cloud Network/RADIOS etc
Mr Ugwunna Charles Okechuwu has several local and international journals.
He has lectured at Kwararafa University (the only community University in Nigeria) Wukari and Taraba State Polytechnic Jalingo. In Taraba State Polytechnic, he was the Assistant Director Management Information System 2011-2019 and he was instrumental to the hosting of the school portal among other numerous achievements.
He was also a facilitator for Consultancy and Sandwich Programmes Taraba State University Jalingo, 2014-2015 and 2018-2019 respectively.

Mr, Ugwunna a highly committed, hard working, dependable and unassuming fellow has won several awards which include the most hardworking Lecturer in Taraba State Polytechnic, Federal Road Safety Cadet Life Membership awards and many others
He is a registered member of Nigeria Computer Society (NCS). He is currently working on Development of Communication Networks’ Epidemic Forecasting Models Using Synthetic Agent Based Datasets.
Ugwnna is married and blessed with God fearing Children.

Master of Science (M.Sc.) Computer Science
(Data communication and Network Security) 2017
Post Graduate Diploma in Science Education 2009 Proficient Certificate in Management 2008
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. Hons.) Computer Science 2006
Secondary School Certificate Examination 1998
First School Leaving Certificate 1989

(i) Research Interest
My research interest includes the following:
Data Communication
Network Security (Epidemic and Agent Based Modeling)
Computer Hardware

(ii) Research Completed but not yet published

a. Modeling Reoccurrence of Covid19 and its Variants using Recurrent Neural Network(RNN)
b. A formalized Methodology for the Progression from Analytical Modeling, Agent Modeling
and to Recurrent Neural Network Modeling for Hypothetical Cases.
c. An Essential Tool for Computer Troubleshooting and Upgrading.
d. Credit Card Fraud Detection using Deep Learning
e. Comparison of the Efficiency of AES Implementation on two Web Platforms using Java and Nodejs
f. Comparative Analysis of Decision Tree, Random Forest, Support Vector Machine and K- nearest Neighbor in Improving Network Security using Keystroke Dynamic

(iii) Research in Progress

a. Development of Communication Networks’ Epidemic Forecasting Models Using
Synthetic Agent-Based Datasets.
b. Application of Agent Based Datasets to Deep Learning Network: A Review
d. Development of Attenuation Models in Guided and Unguided Transmission Media.
e. Prediction of Student Academic performance using Fuzzy Logic

a.Most Hardworking Lecturer in Computer Science Department 2019
Taraba State Polytechnic.
b.Most Dedicated Corp Member NYSC Batch B Award 2008
c.Federal Road Safety Commission (Taraba State Command)
Life Membership Certificate Award for leadership Quality,
Dedication to Duty, Outright Loyalty to Authority as Cadet Registrar. 2008

Nigeria Computer Society (Reg. No. 11648)
Nigeria Institute of Management (Chartered)

(i) Thesis / and Dissertations

a. Development of an Online Airline Reservation System (A case study of Nigerian Airways Lagos) B.Sc.Project, University of Uyo, Uyo Akwa-Ibom State Nigeria. (2006).

b. Development of University Information Management System Incorporating Detailed Feedback Mechanism. M.Sc. Dissertation. Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, Nigeria (2017)

(ii) Journal in print
1. Daniel U, Macdonald N., Ugwunna C., & Celestine O. (2015). Reducing Internal Banking Fraud using Smart Cards and Biometrics as Access Control Tools in IJARCCE, Volume 4, Issue 6, June 2015.available online at:

2. Moses O. Onyesolu., Macdonal N. Onyeizu.,Celestine O., Uwa, & Ugwunna C. Okechukwu.(2015) .Weapons and Explosives Information Tracking and Alerting System: A Real-Time Approach in IJARCCE, Volume 4, Issue 5 May 2015. Available online at:
3. Iduh Blessing N., Ositanwosu Obiajulu E., & Ugwunna Charles O. (2018). Real-Ttime Vehicle Inspection and Security Management System. Journal of Computer Trends and Technology (IJCTT International) – Volume X Issue Y- Month 2018

4 Nzeribe, S.O.1 and Ugwunna, C.O (2019) On the Development of an Online Based Quality Assurance System for Maternal and Child Health Care Providers. Journal of Basic Physical Research Vol. 9., No 2, July 2019; 139-154. Published by Faculty of Physical Sciences Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka.

(iii) Books
1. Ugwunna C.O., & Amos A.G. (2020). Computer Hardware Maintenance Manual for
Science and Engineering Students. Jalingo: Tarab State University press.

2. Kamal A.B. & Ugwunna C.O. (2020). Information Science for the Digital Age.
Jalingo: Taraba State University Press.

3. Ugwunna C.O. (2012). Computer Troubleshooting, Maintenance and Upgrading: Enugu Nigeria.

4. Ugwunna C.O., Kamal A.B., & Okimba P.E. (2018). Understanding Digital electronics Enugu Nigeria.

5. Ugwunna C.O., Ejiga J., & Okimba P.E. (2019). Computer Practical Networking Volume 1: Enugu Nigeria.

6. Ugwunna C.O. (2019). Comprehensive Manual on Introduction to Computer Volume 1.


a. O. Salako, O., Folorunso,, A. Adejimi & U. Charles. (2021). Art Education Post COVID -19: Augmented Reality Technology Application in Building Students’ Creativity Skills. Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Information Technology in Education and Development 2021. Available online at:

b. Salako O. S, Ngobigha F. & Ugwunna C. (2020). An End-User programming Approach for customising Virtual Innovation Labs. Proceedings of Nigeria Computer Society EATI Conference 2020. Available online at https://library. Ncs.Org/conference-proceedings- volume-31-september2020

c. Tajudeen A., Rebecca V., Ugwunna C., Lateefat A., & Olusegun F. (2020). An Ontology-based Knowledge Acquisition Model for Software Anomalies Systems: Proceedings of 20 International Conference in Mathematics, Computer Engineering and Computer Science (ICMCECS) 978-1- 7281-3126-9/20/$31.00 © 2020 IEEE 10.1109/ICMCECS47690.2020.240896

d. 3rd International Conference of Applied Information Technology (AIT). Conference of Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) Ogun State Chapter, Nigeria, 8-10 October 2019.

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