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From Land to Table: The Journey of Vegetables in COBFAS

Published On:

March 25, 2024

By Olatoye Sanusi

In a bid to empower students with practical agricultural skills, the Community-Based Farming Scheme (COBFAS) at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), has taken a unique approach by training students in the art of vegetable farming.

The process began with land clearing, where students rolled up their sleeves and hit the ground, as well as clear the land with determination and enthusiasm.

With guidance from experienced farmers and agricultural experts, they learned the importance of proper land preparation for optimal plant growth.

Once the land is cleared, the real work begins as students sow seeds, and nurture them through the stages of germination, seedling growth, and transplanting.

Under the watchful eye of instructors, they learned essential techniques such as watering, fertilising, and pest control to ensure healthy plant development.

COBFAS students displaying their farm produce after harvesting

As the vegetables flourish under the care of diligent students, they are harvested at the peak of freshness.

With a sense of pride and accomplishment, the students gather the fruits of their labour, knowing that they have played a vital role in bringing these nutritious vegetables to fruition.

The journey does not end there. The freshly harvested vegetables are carefully washed, sorted, and packed, ready to make their way from the farm to the table.

Whether sold at local markets or utilised in the University’s numerous cafeteria, these vegetables represent more than just food—they embody the hard work, dedication, and knowledge imparted through COBFAS.

Happy doing it! The students proudly displaying the ready for sale vegetables

Ultimately, as students sit down to enjoy a meal made from the very vegetables they helped cultivate, they gain a deeper appreciation of the agricultural process.

Through COBFAS, they not only learned the practical skills of farming but also developed a profound connection to the land and a sense of responsibility towards sustainable food production.

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