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Department of Agricultural & Bio-Resources Engineering



The philosophy of the Department is the production of skilled engineering manpower adequately furnished with comprehensive information required for providing scientific and engineering solutions to the nation’s agricultural, bioresources, and ecological problems. These graduates are produced with the aim of improving agricultural productivity, environmental sustainability and poverty reduction. Our graduates are trained to be self-reliant and entrepreneurial in order to become job creators and not job seekers. This is achieved through the adoption of effective techniques of instruction and exposure to actual engineering practices.


The objectives of the Agricultural and Bio-Resources Engineering Programme are:

  1. Production of engineers who would design systems, processes and machinery that will aid agricultural mechanization, with reference to the production and storage of crop, livestock and fibre.
  2. Training of engineering students, who will, on graduation, is able to design, manufacture and test machines required for the processing, utilization and storage of biological materials for human and livestock consumption.
  3. Development of engineers who would solve ecological problems, design and manage irrigation, drainage, water and soil conservation structures.
  4.  Production of engineers who would successfully manage mechanized agricultural enterprises and agro-allied industries.
  5. Training of students who will be interested in advanced research and development work in Agricultural and Bio – resources engineering.

Options and Specialization

The B.Eng. Agricultural and bio – resources engineering programme has been designed to reflect teaching and research focused in the following areas

  1. Bio-Resources and Food Process Engineering
  2. Agricultural Power and Machinery Engineering
  3. Water and Ecological Resources Engineering
  4. Environmental Resources Engineering
  5. Agricultural & Rural Structures Engineering

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