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The Department of Plant Breeding and Seed Technology (PBST) is one of the five Departments in the College of Plant Science and Crop Production (COLPLANT) of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. It is the only Department of such in a Nigerian University. Its establishment is in acknowledgement of the pivotal position of plant breeding and seed production in a developing economy.
The Department offers degree programmes leading to the award of Bachelors, Postgraduate Diploma, Masters, and Doctoral degrees. The Department has two academic units, namely:
i. Plant Breeding and Genetics Unit and ii. Seed Technology and Biotechnology Unit

Philosophy and Objectives
The academic programme of the Department is in furtherance of the general philosophy and objectives of the University. The expression “Plant Breeding” implies the conscious human effort aimed at improving old and developing new varieties of crops in order to satisfy the demands for human food and animal feed. What is being improved or changed is the heredity of the plants. Before the potential benefits from an improved variety can be realized, the variety must be distributed widely, and sufficient seeds must be produced so that the variety can be grown on the farms in the areas to which it is adapted.
Seed scientists handle the systematic increase, rapid distribution and certification of pure seeds of the new improved variety most expeditiously. Therefore, the concept, scope and vision of the Department basically reinforce efforts towards increasing food production through development of improved breeding lines and seeds of high agronomic values. Consequently, the Department offers opportunities for formal training at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels for the acquisition of basic and higher degrees necessary in these specialized areas of plant breeding and genetics, seed technology and biotechnology.

The Department is committed to achieving the following goals:
i. To make the Department a centre of excellence in the training of plant geneticists/ breeders and seed scientists. ii. To focus research efforts on solving problems of our immediate environment and the local and global food security.
iii. To encourage every staff and student in the Department to achieve his or her optimum in research activities. iv. To encourage and facilitate inter-disciplinary cooperation in research among staff and other external affiliations.

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