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Department of Home Science & Management



The Department of Home Science and Management was established in 1988 at the inception of the University of Agriculture. From the onset, the Department offered a degree programme in Home Science and Management with options in Clothing and Textile, Nutrition and Dietetics, Child Development and Family Studies, Home Furnishing and Interior Decoration and Home Science Extension. With the establishment of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, the Department now has three options, viz: Clothing, Textile and Interior Decoration, Child Development and Family Studies, and Home Science Extension.

Philosophy of Home Science and Management

The field of study of Home Science and Management is concerned with the ways in which the quality of family life can be enhanced maximally, through optimum utilization of human and material resources. The programme thus covers a broadbases instruction in child development, family dynamics, textile and clothing, extension, household and institutional resource management. The curriculum adopts effective techniques of instruction, laboratory practicals, field demonstration, workshops and Industrial Training. The curriculum also focuses application of the broad-based instruction to three major disciplines, viz: Chile development and family studies; Clothing and textiles; and Home Science Extension, towards enhancing quality family life.

Consequently, the Department of Home Science and Management trains the students in the three broad disciplines in order to ensure the production of highly skilled manpower, such that graduates of the programme can choose to specialize in any of the disciplines (options) for engaging in productive and economic ventures towards holistic wellbeing of the family.

Objectives of Home Science and Management

In order to achieve the above, the Department is committed to achieving the following goals:

  1. To focus research effort on areas of relevance to our immediate environment, local and global family needs.
  2. To make the Department a unique centre for vocational training and development of human resources.
  3. To be in partnership with relevant local and international agencies in order to enhance quality experience of students in meeting demands of the labour market.
  4. To encourage inter-disciplinary co-operation in research among staff, graduate students and international bodies.

Career opportunities in Home Science and Management

Career opportunities in Clothing and Textiles include:

Dress Making and Tailoring

  • Upholstery making
  • Bridal costume specialist
  • Sport wear specialist
  • Military costume specialist
  • Household article specialist

Clothing and Textile Production

  • Weaving
  • Pattern developing / Pattern making
  • Textile/Fabric design production
  • Embroidery Designing


  • Interior decorator /designer
  • Wardrobe planner
  • Event organiser
  • Laundry operator
  • Haberdashery dealer


  • Fashion designer and Model
  • Fashion merchandiser and
  • Fashion communicator/journalist
  • Fashion accessories designing and production
  • Millinery

Computer Aided Design programmer

Teaching/Lecturing Researcher

Career opportunities in Child Development and Family Studies include:

Social work, counselling and psychology

  • Youth and family services worker
  • Child welfare specialist
  • Social worker
  • Child protective service worker
  • Marriage and family therapy
  • Rehabilitation counsellor · School psychologist
  • Early childhood specialist

Teaching and education

  • Youth workers
  • Health education
  • Adult literacy teacher
  • Day care or Pre-school/ Elementary/ High school teacher

Health careers

  • Hospital’s child and family life specialist
  • Paramedical
  • Occupational therapist
  • Child life
  • Public health administration
  • Health educators


  • Survey researchers
  • Political scientists
  • Psychologist
  • Sociologist

Career opportunities in Home Science Extension include:

  • Teaching/ Lecturing (Primary, secondary and Tertiary Institutions) · Extension Agents
  • Change Agents
  • NGOs
  • Research Assistants
  • Technical Assistants
  • Rural Developers
  • Programme Developers


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