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Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation / Information Communication Technology



The Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Programme of AMREC is a component Programme of AMREC that has the mandate for assessment and evaluation of the performance of other Programmes and Sub-Programmes’ activities of AMREC. Therefore, the Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Programme of AMREC is responsible for providing useful and relevant information that will justify the continued existence of other operating Programmes of the Centre. Suggesting new and additional inputs and adjusting the thrust and scope of planned activities through objective monitoring and evaluation processes. The Programme also collaborates with other university scientists in conducting core and programme-specific surveys that are relevant to farmers’ problems and farm situations.

The component sub-programmes operating under the PME-ICT Programme are:

  1. Programmes/Projects Planning sub-Programme;
  2. Monitoring sub-Programme;
  3. Evaluation sub-Programme;
  4. Diagnostic and Thematic Surveys;
  5. Record and Database Management;
  6. Market Price Survey and Analysis; and
  7. Report Collation and Publication.

 Goals and Objectives

The PME-ICT is poised towards:

  1. Developing a database for evaluating programmes, plans, proposals and projects, other important extension and community services related documents for future use and decision making; and
  2. Continually conducting core, programme-specific and diagnostic surveys in cooperation with the University scientists on farmer-centred problems and situations and to carry out basic research aimed at solving farm production-related problems and challenges.

Specific Objectives

Specific objectives of the PME Programme are to:

  1. Provide technical support for other operating Programmes of the Centre in the preparation of annual work plans, budgets, reports and other relevant information;
  2. Prepare periodic technical reports and collate data and information emanating from AMREC extension activities;
  3. Develop and identify relevant initiatives in line with the Centre’s mandate and those of the entire University; for the effective performance of programmes;
  4. Provide means of assessing the values/impact of extension programmes;
  5. Collaborate with other Programmes of AMREC as well as other Colleges in the University to provide the basis for Programme planning and to improve on existing ones;
  6. Collating and editing of reports of training, extension and outreach activities and projects of AMREC;
  7. Compiling, drafting, editing and preparation of AMREC annual report; and
  8. Record keeping and maintenance of the database of all AMREC academic staff.

The Vision

The vision is to plan, monitor, evaluate and sustain the efficiency of programmes on implementation at appropriate levels.


  1. Conducting baseline and diagnostic surveys in extension communities and among potential beneficiaries;
  2. Facilitating planning of extension and outreach activities and projects;
  3. Conducting survey and publication of market prices of agricultural inputs, produce and products;
  4. Monitoring implementation of projects and programmes to ensure effective delivery;
  5. Evaluation of training, projects and programmes of the Centre to measure impact on beneficiaries; and
  6. Collating reports of training, extension and outreach activities and projects of AMREC.



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