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Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria – 1995
University of Ibadan, Nigeria – 1995
Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada, – 1990
University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria -1986
University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria – 1982

(a) Utilization of alternative sources of feedstuffs and agro-by products for fish feed with full emphasis on non-conventional, cheap and affordable ingredients.

(b) Coastal & Marine Studies – Community and local participatory programme.

(c) The exploitation, utilization and management of these resources can not be separated from the local coastal communities, hence my focus targets both the resources and the people that depends on these resources for their existence.

University of Ibadan, Nigeria – Undergraduate Scholar
University of Ibadan, Nigeria – Postgraduate Scholar
ICOD Canada Scholar at Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS Canada.

Fisheries Society of Nigeria (FISON)
Nigeria Association for Aquatic Sciences (NAAS)
Network of Tropical Aquaculture Scientists (NTAS)
Network of Tropical Fisheries Scientists (NTFS)
Fisheries Society of Africa (FISA)
Founding Member, Multidisciplinary Aquatic Sciences Team (MAST),
an NGO established on Aquatic Environmental Concerns.
Founding Member, Nigerian Society for Environmental Management.
Member, African Water Forum (AWF) Nairobi, Kenya.

(A) Thesis/ Dissertation

1 Akegbejo-Samsons, Y. (1982): Studies on the hydrology and condition factor of some fish species in Nigeria’s fish farms. B.Sc project, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Pp 67

2. Akegbejo-Samsons, Y. (1986): Evaluation of the Economic and Utilisation values of the different feeds and feedstuffs used in Nigeria’s fish farms. M.Sc Dissertation, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Pp 125

3. Akegbejo-Samsons, Y. (1990): Aquaculture in the Maritimes of Canada: A need for an expansion program ? DMA Thesis. Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada. Pp 56

4. Akegbejo-Samsons, Y. (1995): Ecology of the Fisheries Resources of the Coastal Wetland of Ondo State and its Management Implications. Ph.D Thesis. Federal University of Technology, Akure. Pp 287

(B) Books/ Technical Reports

1. Akegbejo-Samsons, Y. (1996) Introduction to Wildlife Management in Nigeria. Natural Resources Series # 1. Goad Publishers, Nigeria. Pp 55

2. Akegbejo-Samsons, Y. (1997) Introduction to Aquaculture and Fisheries Management in Nigeria. Natural Resources Series # 2. Goad Publishers, Nigeria. Pp76

(C) Peer-reviewed Journal articles: Aquaculture & Fisheries Management and Development

1. Balogun, A.M. & Akegbejo-Samsons, Y. (1992): Waste Yield, Proximate and Mineral Composition of fish resources of Nigeria’s coastal waters. Biores. Tech. 40: 157- 161. [Abstract]

2. Salami, A., A.O. Fagbenro & Y. Akegbejo-Samsons. (1996): Induced Breeding in two Clariid Catfishes, Clarias gariepinus and Heterobranchus bidorsalis , using Tilapia pituitary extract. Jour of World Aqua. Soc 27 (4): 487-491.[Abstract]

3. Akegbejo-Samsons, Y. (1996). Some technological innovations in Fisheries Production and Preservation in Nigeria: A review. Jour of Voc. Educ. Vol 1: 69-79.

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10. Akegbejo-Samsons, Y (1999). Growth response and Nutrient digestibility by Clarias gariepinus fingerlings fed varying levels of dietary Periwinkle flesh as replacement for Fish meal in low cost diets. Appl. Trop. Agric. 4 (1): 37-41.

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13.Akegbejo-Samsons, Y. (2000)Environmental and Social implications of Coastal fish farming (brackish culture) in the Mangrove areas of South-west Nigeria. Int. Journ. of Environ. Educ. & Information. Vol. 19 (4): 305-312

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15. Akegbejo-Samsons, Y & J. Olagunju (2002). Growth response and nutrient digestibility of Clarias gariepinus fingerlings fed varying levels of Parkia biglobosa slurry as energy source. Applied Fisheries & Aquaculture Vol. II No 1: 1-6

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(D) Published Edited Conference Proceedings:

37. Akegbejo-Samsons, Y. (1992). Practical suggestions for the commercialisation of fishery production in Ondo state. In: Eyo & Balogun (Eds). Proceedings of the 10th Annual Conf. of Fisheries Society of Nigeria (FISON), held at Abeokuta,16- 20 Nov, 1992. Pp 207-212.

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51. Adeofun, C.O, O. Oguntoke and Y. Akegbejo-Samsons (2004) Environment, Culture and Wealth Generation (Editors) Proceedings of the 12th Annual Conference of Environment and Behaviour Association of Nigeria (EBAN) held at the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, 24th-26th November, 2004 Pp 110.

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