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BAMGBOSE, Olukayode 

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My training as an analytical chemist provided the opportunity to know the principles/application of various analytical techniques and also to be conversant with the analysis of various kinds of samples such as food, biological and environmental samples. In this regard my contribution to knowledge is therefore hinged on the application of analytical chemistry to environmental samples.

At the onset, the topical issue when I joined the research team of Prof. Osibanjo was the danger posed by pesticides. Along this line of study was the information presented by providing a base-line data on toxic chlorinated hydrocarbons in Nigeria marine fishes and shellfishes (Publication 22) being the very first type of study on chlorinated hydrocarbons in Nigeria. In furtherance of this study the fish species Galeoides decadatylus was identified as a bio-indicator for Nigerian marine environment with respect to chlorinated hydrocarbons (Publication 1, 3).

My research apart from being premised on analysis of environmental samples was also hinged on method development with the sole aim of improving known methods of analyses of environmental samples (Publications 5, 7).

A lot of work had also been carried out using the application for atomic absorption spectrometry to the chemical analysis of environmental samples particularly as a testimony to the versatility of this method. It has therefore been applied to analysis of metals in various biota e.g. soils (Publication 12, 14) and vegetation (Publications 8, 19, 15).

A novel study was the influence of environmental degradation on the metal concentration in tissue of grass cutter which served as a delicacy in south west Nigeria and various other part of Nigeria (Publication 4). In this vein, also the earthworm Lybyodrilus Violaceus was identified as being suitable to act as a bio-indicator of metal pollution in dumpsites of tropical Origin (Publication 9).

Recently I have also diversified to working on humans due to the multi-disciplinary nature of environmental analysis and direct interaction of humans with the environment using samples such as teeth, breast milk, urine and blood (Publication 6, 20, 21).

The study of Analytical/Environmental Chemistry has evolved in the past decade to take cognizance of the total environment and with the nature of the department that I belong to; collaborative work has been done on waste management (Publication 11, 16).

The dynamics of food processing and preservation is also an area of research that I have also contributed immensely to (Publication 2, 4, 7, 18, 19) along with analysis of portable water (Publications 13, 16).

In line with the multi-disciplinary nature of environmental studies I have collaborated with several scientist (Prof Onadeko, Dr. Olatunde, Dr. Alegbeleye, Dr. Sanni, Mr. Oresanya, to mention a few)outside my immediate area of specialization on the home front of which notable publications have resulted (Publication 2, 4, 11, 15, 18, 23).

Finally research into parameters that make the environment sustainable are still ongoing of which am focused on, now, and in years to come that will form a major platform of my continuing contribution to knowledge.



(a) West African School Certificate (WASC) 1974
(b) Higher School Certificate (HSC) 1976
(c) Bachelor of Science B.Sc. (Hon) Chemistry 1979
(d) Masters of Science M.Sc. (Anal. Chemistry) 1981
(e) Doctor of Philosophy PhD (Anal / Environ. Chemistry) 1988

  • Chemical Society of Nigeria (CSN)
  • Ecological Society of Nigeria (ESCON)
  • Nigeria Environmental Society (NES)
  • Nigeria Association of Aquatic Sciences

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