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BOLARINWA Kolade Kamilu 

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Short Profile

Prof. Bolarinwa Kolade Kamilu obtained Bachelor of Agricultural Extension in University of Nigeria, Nsukka Nigeria in 1986, He obtained his Master of Science Degree and Ph, in Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development in 1997 and 2007 respectively. His area of specialization is conflict management and livelihood impact assessment. He obtained several scholarships and prizes. Bolarinwa has 18 years’ experience in the world bank Agricultural Development Programme an Agricultural Extension arm of the Ministry of Agriculture in Nigeria. He was saddled with the responsibility of disseminating relevant information from the research station to farmers. He has contributed extensively to emerging issues in agriculture and agricultural innovation and consultancies for international and national organizations. Dr. Bolarinwa has participated in several baseline surveys and impact evaluation and data collection using both quantitative and qualitative techniques, participatory rural conflict appraisal (PRA) using information-gathering tools such as questionnaires, interview schedules, focus group discussion, pair ranking and use of key informants. He has 65 papers published in local and international journals He is currently a reader and head of the Department of the Agricultural Administration Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta. He was one of those agricultural extension practitioners that have agricultural extension field experience and become assistant director of the extension before he crossed to University where he acquired research and teaching experiences. He is a member of many professional associations and societies
However, my research focus changed when I assumed duty as Lecturer II in the Department of Agricultural Administration where I rose to the rank of Senior Lecturer in 2015. Administration is concerned with formulation of broad objectives, plans and policies, getting these done through others by directing their efforts towards achievement of pre-determined goals. It involves the guidance or direction of a group of people through the utilization of appropriate leadership style in achieving organizational objectives. Since, I have published papers on human behavior management, Communication flow, human resources management, and transfer of agricultural relevant technology and rural development innovations to farmers. These researches focus are reflected in journals, chapters in books, even conference proceedings and one technical report. The summary of the publication are 75% focused on human resources and conflict resources while 15% focused on both generally on Agricultural Administration and Agricultural Extension and Rural Development.

Hence, He is a Professor of Human Resources and Conflict position in Agricultural Administration..




Completed Projects
1 Analysis of Econological Causes of Industrial Conflict in Institute of
Agricultural Research and Training (IAR&T), Ibadan Oyo State,
Nigeria 2013

2 Coping Strategies for Job Stress among Extension Service Provider in
Oyo State Agricultural Development Programme 2014

3 Influence of Work Family Conflict Factors on Employees Intention to
Quite Job in Ogun Oshun River Basin Development Authority
(OORBDA) 2015

4 Assessment of Leadership Traits and Qualities among Undergraduate
Student of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta: Implication for
Leadership Development 2015

5 Effectiveness of Conflict Management Style on Employee Performance
in National Horticultural research Institute, Ibadan 2015

6 Impact of Industrial conflict on Staff Turn Over in Cocoa Research
Institute Ibadan, Nigeria 2016

7 Conflict Resolution Strategies among Employee of Cocoa Research
Institute Ibadan, Nigeria 2016

8 Assessment of Burnout among employee of Forest Research Institute
Ibadan, Nigeria. 2016

9 Organizational Work Stressor and Employees Intention to Quit Job
in Nigeria Institute of Social and Economic Research, Ibadan, Oyo State 2016
10 Assessment of Annual Staff Performance Appraisal on Employee
Commitment to Job in Ogun State Agricultural Development Programme.
(OGADEP) 2016

(ii) Projects in Progress
1. Assessment of leadership Trait and Quality as predictor of employee leadership
competency in selected, research Institutes in Oyo State

2. Effect of Work family conflict on employees’ commitment in Agricultural based
Universities in Nigeria

AAD 506: Organization Development, Team Building and Conflict Resolution

(i) COLAMRUD presentative on Promotion Assessment Panel COLANIM
(ii) College Representative Student Industrial Work Experience
Scheme (SIWES) 2018 – Date
(iii) Member Post graduate School Business Committee (BISCOM) 2018 – Date
(iv) College Representative Centre for Community –Based Farming Scheme 2014 –2017
(v) Member College Committee on Examination Results (COCER) 2018 -Date
(vi) Member, College Library Establishment Committee 2011 -2014
(vii) Member, Committee on Aged Care Programmes 2009 -2012
(viii) Member, College Internally Generated Revenue Committee 2009 – Date
(ix) Acting Head of Department 25 June 2018–July 16, 2017
(x) Postgraduate Coordinator for AGAD Department 2017 – 2018
(xi) Departmental Part-time Degree Coordinator 2015 – 2017
(xii) 300 Level Course Adviser 2018 – 2019
(xii) Head of Department 9/10/2018-Date

* Nigerian Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAGRED)
* Agricultural Extension Society of Nigeria (AESON)
* Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa
(CODESERIA), Dakar, Senegal
* Horticultural Society of Nigeria
* Rural Sociological Association of Nigeria (RuSAN)
* Society for Peace Studies and Practice


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17..Bolarinwa, K.K. and Yahaya, M.K. 2011. Effect of Information Technology Communication (ICT) on Women Farmers’ Utilization of Soya bean in Conflict Prone Areas of Taraba State Nigeria. Journal of Agriculture Forestry and the Social Sciences. Vol9,No 2,2p10


18 .Bolarinwa K.K. Ladokun A.O and Doherty F 2011.Socio-economic impact of industrial effluent discharge on Ibese River and inhabitants of villages along its course in Nigeria. ASSET Journal Series c Volume 6 Number1

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