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FALANA, Olorunjube James 

Short Profile

Olorunjube James Falana is a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at the
Federal University of Agriculture in Abeokuta, Ogun State. He completed his Ph.D. in
Computer Science in 2023, focusing on Cybersecurity. He is a passionate lecturer and
researcher with competence in Python programming, Java, data science, database
management, JavaScript, networking, and malware analysis. His research interests
include malware analysis, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cybersecurity.

Olorunjube has undertaken substantial research in malware analysis, applying several
machine-learning algorithms for malware identification. His work in this area has
advanced our understanding of detecting and counteracting harmful software. He is
working on establishing effective techniques for managing cyberattacks, demonstrating
his dedication to improving cybersecurity in today's digital landscape.

Olorunjube James Falana's diverse experience and commitment to cybersecurity make
him an invaluable contributor to the field of computer science. His continued research
efforts promise to increase our understanding of cyber risks and protection methods,
ultimately leading to a safer digital environment.
Dr. Falana is married to Dr. (Mrs.) Ranti B. Falana and the marriage is blessed with

a. Ph.D. Computer Science 2023
b. M.Sc. Computer Science 2014
c. B.Sc. Computer Science 2010
d. Senior School Certificate In Education 2003
iii. Professional Certification Obtained with Dates
a. CCNA Instructor

Cisco Certified Network

Feb., 2015

b. Advanced Digital
Programme for
Tertiary Institutions

Digital Bridge Institute March, 2014

c. OCA Oracle 11g Database
Administrator Certified

June, 2010

d. SQL Expert Oracle Database SQL Certified


April, 2010

e. IT Essential CISCO IT Essential June, 2009

Research Completed (but not yet published)
i. ISMD: An Intelligent System for Malware Detection
ii. DAD-WEBCRYPTO: A Dynamic Approach for Detecting Web-Based Cryptojacking
iii. Malware Impact Analysis
Research in Progress
i. AESMBIR: AN Effective Similarity Measure for Bank Information Retrieval
ii. IPSODAC: Automated Protection of Images in Social Networks Using Sensitive Object
Detection and Access Control

a. NCS-Jim Ovia Fellowship 2021
b. Federal Government Scholarship Award for Postgraduate Studies 2014
c. Ondo State Government Award for Undergraduate Studies (300L) 2009

i. Member, Nigeria Computer Society (NCS ID: 07868)
ii. Member, Information Technology Systems & Security Professionals (ITSSP)

i. International Conference of the Nigeria Computer Society themed
“Communications and e-systems for Economic Stability”, held from 7th to 10th
August 2023 at Abeokuta, Ogun State.
ii. International Conference of the Nigeria Computer Society themed “Smart
Secured and Sustainable Nation”, held from 2 nd to 4 th August 2022 at cultural
center Kuto. Abeokuta, Ogun State.
iii. International Conference of Nigeria Computer Society held at Uyo, Akwa Ibom,
Nigeria. August 3 to 5 th , 2021
iv. Summer school on Data Science and Machine Learning, organised by the Institute
of Theoretical Physics Trieste, Italy, from 4 th – 25 th August, 2019

i. Sodiya, A. S., Falana, O. J., Onashoga, S. A. & Badmus, B. S. (2014): Adaptive Neuro-
Fuzzy System for malware detection. Journal of Computer Science and its Applications.
21(2); 20-31, Published by the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS). Available online at

ii. Oyetunji, M. O., Oladeji, F. A., Falana, O. J. & Idowu, P. A. (2017): Prediction of Road
Traffic Accident in Nigeria Using Naive Baye’s Approach. Advances in Multidisciplinary
& Scientific Research Journal. 3(1); 23-30, Published by the Systems & Multidisciplinary
Research group (SMART), ICITD, U.S.A. Available online at
iii. Oyetunji, M. O., Oladeji, F. A., Falana, O. J. & Idowu, P. A. (2017): An Online Poultry
Diseases Monitoring System for Nigeria. American Journal of Software Engineering and
Applications. 6(2); 18-28, Published by Science Publishing Group (SciencePG), New
York, U.S.A. Available online at
iv. Falana, O. J., Ebo, I. O. & Odom, I. S. (2021): Se-LMS: Secured E-Learning
Management Systems for Smart School. International Journal of Software Engineering
and Computer Systems.  7(1); 36-46, Published by College of Computing and Applied
Sciences, University of Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia. Available online at
v. Tinubu, O. C., Falana, O. J. & Sodiya, A. S. (2021): Modelling Attendees' Participation in
Virtual Events. Journal of Computer Science and Its Application, 28(2); 70-74, Published
by the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS), Available online at
vi. Tinubu C. O., Falana O. J., Aborisade D. O., Adejimi O. A and Akinmusire C. B. (2021):
DDoSDetect: A Behavioral Detection System for HTTP GET Flood Attacks. Journal of
Applied Science and Technology. 1(1); 102-114, Published by Mountain Top University,
vii. Falana, O. J., Sodiya, A. S., Onashoga, S. A., & Badmus, B. S. (2022). Mal-Detect: An
intelligent visualization approach for malware detection. 34(5); 1968-1983. Published by
the Journal of King Saud University-Computer and Information Sciences- Elsevier.

Volume Available online at
viii. Tinubu, C. O., Falana, O. J., Oluwumi, E. O., Sodiya, A. S., & Rufai, S. A. (2023).
PHISHGEM: a mobile game-based learning for phishing awareness. Journal of Cyber
Security Technology, 1-20. Available online at
ix. Naeem, H., Dong, S., Falana, O. J., & Ullah, F. (2023). Development of a deep stacked
ensemble with process based volatile memory forensics for platform independent malware
detection and classification. Expert Systems with Applications, 223, 119952. Available
onine at
x. Adejimi, A. O., Sodiya, A. S., Ojesanmi, O. A., Falana, O. J., & Tinubu, C. O. (2023). A
Dynamic Intrusion Detection System for Critical Information Infrastructure. Scientific
African, e01817. Available onine at
a. Refereed Conference Proceedings
xi. Falana, O. J., Ebo, I. O., Tinubu, C. O., Adejimi, O. A. and Ntuk, A. (2020): Detection of
Cross-Site Scripting Attacks using Dynamic Analysis and Fuzzy Inference System. In
2020 International Conference in Mathematics, Computer Engineering and Computer
Science (ICMCECS). 1-6. Published by IEEE. DOI:
10.1109/ICMCECS47690.2020.240871 (Indexed in Scopus). Available online at
xii. Ebo, I. O., Falana, O. J., Taiwo, O. and Olumuyiwa, B. A. (2020): An Enhanced Secured
IOT Model for Enterprise Architecture. In 2020 International Conference in
Mathematics, Computer Engineering and Computer Science (ICMCECS). 1-6.
Published by IEEE. DOI: 10.1109/ICMCECS47690.2020.247112 (Indexed in Scopus).
Available online at
xiii. Falana, O. J., Sodiya, A. S., Onashoga, S. A., and Oyewole, A. T. (2020): PEDAM:
Priority Execution Based Approach for Detecting Android Malware. International
Conference on Emerging Applications and Technologies for Industry 4.0. 152-165.
Published by Springer, Cham. (Indexed in Scopus). Available online at

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