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Dr. (Mrs.)

IDOWU, Olubukola Precious Adepeju 


Short Profile

Dr. Mrs. Idowu Olubukola Precious graduated from the Federal University of Agriculture,
Abeokuta, with a Bachelor of Agriculture (B. Agric), Master of Agriculture (M. Agric), and
Doctoral degree (Ph.D.). She has been doing agriculture for more than 18 years, she is a
distinguished poultry science expert with a passion for agricultural education and development.
Her career began in 2005 as a classroom agricultural science teacher at Ipokia Community
Secondary School in Ipokia Local Government Area of Ogun State. During this time, she
demonstrated her dedication to teaching and empowering young minds with knowledge about
agriculture and its importance. In 2007, she furthered her educational impact by becoming a
biology tutor at INHURD (Institute of Human Resources Development) in the Federal
University of Agriculture mini campus. Her time as a tutor allowed her to expand her expertise
in the field of biology and gain valuable experience in a higher education setting. In 2010, Dr.
Idowu joined the Federal University of Agriculture as an Agricultural Officer, where she
applied her knowledge and skills to contribute to various agricultural projects and initiatives.
Her commitment and outstanding contributions to the university led to her conversion to the
academic cadre in 2021, where she assumed the role of Lecturer II in the Department of Animal
Production. Currently, she holds a significant role as Program Leader in the Agricultural Media
Resources and Extension Center. Her focus is on Gender Issues and Youth Development,
demonstrating her dedication to promoting gender equality in agriculture and empowering the
youth to take part in sustainable agricultural practices. Throughout her career, Dr. Mrs. Idowu
has proven herself to be a diligent and innovative educator and researcher. Her expertise in
poultry science and agricultural education has allowed her to make valuable contributions to the
field. With her leadership in promoting gender issues and youth development, she continues to
be an influential figure in the agricultural sector, inspiring students and colleagues alike.

(a)Ph.D. (Animal Production and Health) 2016
(b)M. Agric. (Animal Production and Health) 2005
(c)B. Agric. (Second Class lower Division) 2001
(d)National Certificate of Education Grade B (Credit)1996
(e)Grade II Teacher Certificate 1993
(f)Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) 1995
(g)West Africa School Certificate 1989

Maximizing the potentials of Date fruits (Phoenix dactilifera) residues as
alternative energy sources in meat-type chickens. (IBR/UNI/FUNAAB/2022/VOL1)-
2021 TETFUND research grant on research titled: “In ovo feeding of exogenous aromatase
and aromatase inhibitors for sex reversal in egg-type chicken”
Idowu O.P.A 2016. Hatchability and Post-Hatching Performance of Guinea Fowl Keets
Raised in Different Housing Systems in a Tropical Environment.

Idowu O.P.A. 2005. Growth response of weaner rabbits fed multi-nutrient mini-blocks diets.
Idowu O.P.A. 2000. Assessment of alternate methods of rumen modifier administration to goats.
Idowu O.P.A.1996. An evaluation of productivity parameters of layer chicken-fed Ipomea coptica at
different substitution rates.

Member, Animal Science Association of Nigeria (ASAN)
Member, Nigeria Society for Animal Production (NSAP)
Member, Nigerian Institute of Animal Science (NIAS)
Member, Nigeria Association of University Women (NAUW)

5th ASAN-NIAS Joint Annual Meeting. Port Harcourt. September 18-22, 2016.

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replacement for fishmeal. Nig. J. Anim. Prod. 49(3):101-115
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Effect of partial replacement of wheat offals in rabbit weaner diets with oil palm leaf on performance,
nutrient digestibility, and carcass characteristics. ASSET Series A, 6 (133-142).

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