ROSANWO Abiodun Adedeji 

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Mr. Rosanwo joined the services of the University on 7th December, 1998 as a Data Entry operator. He was deployed to the University Library on 24th December, 2001 as a Data Entry Operator II. He rose to become a Chief Data Operator in 2011. He is a dedicated and committed staff.

Mr. Rosanwo has been performing his duties with utmost diligence since his assumption of duty in the University. He is hard working, dedicated and professional in his approach to work and never heard him complained on the heavy work load.

Mr. Rosanwo had demonstrated the potentials to work independently with sheer ingenuity and keenness. He can put in long hours and worked quite hard to meet deadlines. In his work with me, he had shown remarkable problem solving abilities, accept responsivities without grudges.

Also in is line of duties, Rosanwo is very warm and kind fellow having healthy relationship with fellow colleague with good coaching abilities and learning skills which has made him an invaluable assest in our training unit. He is a very good team player with exceptionally imaginative mind and work ethics.

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