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COLBIOS Holds Training for Middle-Level Academic Professionals

Published On:

May 16, 2024

By Joy Adeyiga, Femi Dansu & Abiodun Babatunde

The College of Biosciences (COLBIOS) on Thursday, May 16, 2024, hosted a Development Training Programme for its Middle-Level Academic Professionals at the COLBIOS Seminar Room, located in the New Academic Building adjacent to the premises of the Agricultural Media Resources and Extension Center (AMREC).

In her Opening Remarks, the Dean, COLBIOS, Prof. Iyabode Kehinde stated that Middle-Level Academic Professionals were important in the University’s decision-making process, noting that they were crucial to the implementation of institutional strategies, as members who manage the daily operations of Academic Units, Departments, and Colleges.

Dean and Deputy Dean, COLBIOS, Prof. Iyabode Kehinde (Middle) and Dr Razaq Oloyede (Left) with Prof. Tope Popoola (Right), Prof. Oladipo Ademuyiwa (2nd Right) and Prof. Kehinde Ademolu, after the Training

Prof. Kehinde underscored the essence of middle-level leadership, adding that their activities and behaviours significantly impact goal-setting and departmental decision-making.

She stressed that these Professionals invest substantial time and effort into achieving the institutional strategies and objectives set by top management, thus ensuring the legal and successful operation of the university’s various units.

She asserted that institutional strategy was a collective responsibility, with every academic staff member sharing this duty.

She punctured the notion that leadership was limited to a few individuals at the top, noting it as a misconception.

The Dean, in her discussion on Tools for Effective Leadership, described leadership as the process by which an individual influences a group of people towards the achievement of a common goal.

She emphasised that leadership was not just about holding a position of power but about guiding and inspiring others towards collective success.

Prof. Iyabode Kehinde during one of the Sessions on Tools for Effective Leadership

According to her, as a Middle-Level Academic Professional, one might face several challenges in relating to superiors and colleagues in the workplace, adding that for an organisation to thrive, it must focus on developing its people.

In the first presentation, titled “Preparing Yourself for Appraisal,” Prof. Oladipo Ademuyiwa, the pioneer Head of the Department of Biochemistry, discussed the importance of adhering to promotion guidelines through gradual elevation.

He noted that the criteria for promotion have evolved, now placing significant emphasis on journal publications, which were previously not as crucial.

He added that other promotion criteria included community development, workload, special assignments, prizes and awards, as well as commendations.

He, however, shared with the participants the processes of developing their CVs.

Alluding to the old Maxim of long-term plans for sustainable development, Prof. Ademuyiwa said that “If you are planning for one year, grow rice; if you are planning for twenty years, grow trees; and if you are planning for centuries, grow people.”

Some of the participants during one of the Sessions

In his presentation, Prof. Tope Popoola, former Dean of the demerged College of Natural Sciences (COLNAS) and member of the Department of Microbiology, focused on the importance of effective communication as a fundamental tool for leadership.

He stressed that both verbal and non-verbal communication were essential components for leaders to master and effectively guide their teams to achieve organisational goals.

The Head of Department, Pure and Applied Zoology, Prof. Kehinde Ademolu provided insights on result processing.

He introduced the new template for uploading results and highlighted key points to note during the process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in academic administration.

The event was well attended by all the Middle-Level Academic Professionals in the College.

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