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FUNAAB Celebrates Bumper Palm Fruit Harvest

Published On:

March 8, 2024

By Olaoye Oyewole & Femi Dansu

The Oil Palm Processing Unit at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), marked a momentous occasion recently with a remarkable harvest of palm fruit.

The Unit proudly displayed the abundant yield, showcasing the University’s commitment to agricultural excellence.

Students of the Farm Practical Year were observed diligently working on the extraction of oil from the freshly harvested palm fruit, underscoring the practical application of agricultural knowledge within the University.

Mr. Ibukun Agbejobi, the Supervisor of FUNAAB’s Oil Palm Processing Unit under the FUNAAB Integrated Ventures, shared insights into the significance of the harvest.

He explained the existence of three distinct types of palm fruit: Dura, Pisifera, and Tenera.

Highlighting Tenera as the preferred choice due to its superior oil yield, Mr. Agbejobi emphasised its hybrid nature resulting from the crossbreeding of Dura and Pisifera palm trees.

” Tenera palm fruit, scientifically known as Elaeis quineensis jacq, offers unparalleled advantages in oil production, yield efficiency, and adaptability,” Mr. Agbejobi stated.

Picture showing the students working on the extraction of oil

Photo credit: Gbolahan Lawal

According to him, that was the reason it has a widespread cultivation across tropical regions globally.

Shedding more light on the nutritional profile of Tenera palm fruit, Mr. Agbejobi noted its richness in lipids, particularly palm oil, which serves as an essential source of both saturated and unsaturated fats, along with vitamin E.

Besides, he elucidated on the economic importance of Tenera palm, stressing its extensive utilisation in the food industry for cooking, frying, and as a key ingredient in various food products.

“The Tenera palm fruit epitomised agricultural innovation, offering enhanced oil yield and unlocking vast economic opportunities,” Mr. Agbejobi remarked.

He projected an estimated production of 366 liters of palm oil per day from the harvested fruit.

The bumper harvest of palm fruit at FUNAAB heralds a new chapter in agricultural success, showcasing the University’s pivotal role in driving innovation and sustainability within the agricultural sector.

As FUNAAB continues to nurture future agricultural leaders, such achievements underscore its unwavering commitment to advancing agricultural practices for societal benefit and economic growth.

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