International Women’s Day: FUNAAB Don tasks women on academic knowledge, skills

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March 16, 2021

In commemoration of the 2021 International Women’s Day celebration, the Head of Department, Communication and General Studies, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), Professor Comfort Onifade, has stressed the need to encourage the girl-child and women to acquire academic knowledge and skills. 

Prof. Onifade, who is also the President, National Association of University Women (NAUW), said such knowledge and skills will help the female folk add value to life in all ramifications, especially when white-collar job is not forthcoming.

She noted that the girl-child should be taught to be independent and not rely on anybody for survival and to also support  the husband because of the present economic situation.

According to her, women should be empowered to add value to the society.

She said she was very happy that God created her as a female, gave her the opportunity to play unique role and take good care of the people put under her watch.

Prof. Onifade said, “I believe that women should be empowered in every way, because empowerment is when a woman is brought up to be able to add value in every area, at home, work and in the society and should not sit at home and become liability to the society.” 

Advocating for gender equality, the NAUW President said women should be given equal rights and privileges like their male counterparts and should not be marginalised or discriminated against based on their gender, adding that women should be given the opportunity to attain any desired academic height.

Emphasizing the significance of the  International Women’s Day celebration, she lauded the United Nations for setting aside a day to celebrate women for their immense contributions to the growth and development in various fields in the world.

She noted that women are people to be reckoned with and not relegated to the background to merely cater for the home.

The don, who shared her experience as an academic, acknowledged God for the grace given her to attain her current height.

Prof. Onifade said, “I obtained the favour of God because he gave me a husband who is interested in me furthering my education and allowed me to go ahead and study. That, in itself, was what God helped to do. So, combining the keeping of home, along with studying and taking care of the children was God’s grace. Thank God for the multi tasking ability he had given to women.”

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