Why Cardiovascular Exercises Are Good

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August 20, 2020

While trying to improve the cardiovascular fitness at home, it is good to start exercise at a slow pace to put one into a low intensity heart rate zone to still carry on a full conversation. In a bid to improve cardiovascular fitness, the following suggestions are useful, according to www.livestrong.com:

– Increase the activity level: Moderate intensity exercise includes walking, stairs climbing, jogging or riding your bike at a leisurely pace while vigorous exercises cover running, rowing and cycling at a faster pace. However, for a greater benefit for cardiovascular endurance, it is ideal to aim at 300 minutes of moderate intensity cardio exercise or 150 minutes of vigorous cardio exercise each week.

– Pushing harder: To really see gains in fitness, it is good to challenge the cardiovascular system such that the heart and lungs can adapt to pressure and grow stronger.( SO WHAT DO YOU DO)

– Trying interval training: This can be done for about 30 seconds, and that is the beauty of interval training. For 30 to 60 seconds, push as hard as possible and then spend some time to recover. Alternating these periods of all-out effort with periods of recovery throughout the workout can get the heart rate up higher than it would have been able to in a steady-state cardio workout.

– Doing circuit training: Not only traditional cardio exercise can be used to improve endurance, resistance training routine can also be structured in such a way that it tests muscular and cardiovascular strength. If one wants to really test the heart and lungs, jumping on the treadmill or stair climber for 30 minutes is okay after circuit workout.

– Keep the body guessing: Running may be an activity of choice, but this is not doing the cardiovascular system or the rest of the body any favour by only running. Doing the same activity all the time can lead to stagnancy in the fitness routine, and it can also lead to repetitive stress injuries. Engagement in other exercises pushes the body in new ways to adapt to novel challenges.

– Setting some goals: To reach desired goals, it is proper to set mini-goals. If there is a particular race or competition in mind, a training plan or a group of training partners can help be on track?. Keeping track of how well to stick to the plan and feel during each workout.

It is good to ensure consistency in cardio activities by tracking the heart rate and focusing on heart rate recovery. As much as it is recommended for the engagement in at least 30 minutes of cardio training daily to keep the body healthy, it is also advisable to be cautious to avoid over-training. Livestrong.com recommends that as a general rule, there should be more flexibility about how to schedule an exercise and be on the alert for signs of overtraining. No matter the age, aerobic or cardiovascular exercises would help in daily activities by increasing the human stamina and endurance level.

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