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Department of Civil Engineering



Regardless of how developed infrastructurally a nation is, new constructions, rehabilitation, remodeling upgrading, expansion, etc., will always be intensive, more so in developing/emerging nations, and opportunities continue to abound for Civil Engineers till the end of time! Hence, the need to replace present and archaic techniques in project production with modern more sophisticated techniques; take advantage of opportunities in infrastructural development nationwide and internationally through know-how in management and entrepreneurial skills; facing challenges in technologies of new construction materials, heavy machinery, in the construction of very tall buildings, flood control, natural disaster management, pollution control, computer software and programmes, robotics, space engineering and constantly enhance human quality of life, make a career in Civil Engineering indispensable to Nigeria’s vision of the millennium which is to make her one of the largest industrial nations of the world in the shortest time possible.

Therefore, the general Philosophy of Civil Engineering programme at FUNAAB is to produce skilled, resourceful, creative and fastidious manpower with high academic standard and industrial exposure who understand the fundamentals and principles of the discipline, and who can be confident enough to start their own businesses, be immediately employable nationally and internationally, as well as generate appropriate technologies for the nation’s developmental programme in all the areas related to the discipline and agricultural development.


The Objective of the undergraduate programme in Civil Engineering is to produce high level manpower who are expected to become self-reliant and competent in the infrastructural development goals of this nation and the Diaspora, either as owners or heads of national and multi-nationals in the areas of infrastructural development, or as government policy formulators at various tiers of government or as heads of educational and research organizations, etc. after some year of graduation.

The objectives of Civil Engineering Curriculum in the Department are:

  1. To train students who have competence in the development of ideas and concepts for the solution of practical civil engineering and agricultural problems using divergent and inductive thinking.
  2. To train students who will use appropriate technology to modernize civil engineering and agricultural production, processing, storage, preservation and distribution,
  3. To train students who will exercise initiative, judgment and creative ability in the use of engineering principles for the solution of civil engineering and agricultural problems.
  4. To expose students to the practical aspects of their training so as to prepare them for actual working conditions on graduation through carefully designed and supervised industrial training and site visits.

Hence upon graduation, products of the programme will possess Qualification accredited by National Universities Commission and registerable with Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) and other such bodies worldwide.

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